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PS2 Sony Index USA/Europe/Asia By Name Ripped by ZX81v2
Years ago I ripped the Sony Index PS2 site to txt files. The below attachment contains all 3 lists from SonyIndex before it went bump.

Sony Index Asia By Name.txt
Sony Index PS2 Euro Name Sorted.txt
Sony Index US By Name.txt

Ignore the attachment name, it contains all 3 lists

I started to format these lists but got sidetracked so I give them to you folks to use as you want.
You'll have to ignore some of the things in the list likke " * ** *** ", these were for my own information and not vital.
Also these lista are NOT 100% complete but give enough to allow you to find a hell of a lot of PS2 ID's for searching for the ISO's.

Hope they are useful to some of you

ZX81v2 - R Tape Loading Err0r
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