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Old Games are not working on Window 10!!!! HELP!!!
So I just installed Need for Speed Underground and when I tried to run it. It didn't work. Then I even changed the compatibility setting to XP and then Window 7. Still failed. Then I even tried NO CD cracks. Didn't work either. Can anyone help? This seemed to be the same problem on other old games also as far as I have heard.
You should try the usual: Update all your Drivers that you are comfortable with Updating, especially your GPU Drivers.

Check if Legacy Features are turned on. To do this go into Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off. Then there you find Legacy Components and turn it on. No guarantee that this works, but it's worth a try.

On a Reddit post regarding the same issue people often suggested trying a Widescreen Mod or a different Crack, though nothing seemed to help OP at the time. Seems like NFSU is a game that is either happy to just work on Win 10 or flat out refuses to work. I remember it working just fine on my machine a few years back, though I can't remember if that was before or after I upgraded to 10.

That all being said Legacy support for older Software in general always was and probably always will be terrible on Windows. Not just games, but in general. If there are drivers for older Windows Versions available for your Hardware you could always Install an older OS like XP as a Dual Boot Option as that gives by far the best support for older games, though naturally new Hardware is simply not supported by those older Operating Systems.

Another Option you could try is a Software called VMWare Workstation Player, it is a free Software that allows you to run Virtual Machines, when you run Windows XP or later with that Tool you can get limited 3D Support that should be enough to run NFSU, however it ramps up the System Requirements to run the game smoothly significantly, so it's not a solution if you are running a older / slower machine anyway.
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This game has been fixed to run 100% in windows 10 with xb1 and ps4 controller support

what version do you have US or Europe

make sure its patch upto version 4

then replace files with this and it should run for you
[Image: sig2.png]
[Image: 22731.png]
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