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There is new/is game (Japanise version is out there for some time,English version is out for less than a month)  for mobile phones , name is :

 Valkyrie Anatomia-The Origin 

It is old scholl JRPG , in best style of PS1/PS2 Vakirie Profile games, gameplay is very similar , with  lots of customization of characters , and Einheriars stories are rich and very well told, which i find best part of game ,since i am sucker for sad heroic stories .
 Besides lots of new characters to recruit, there is also lots of old familiar characters, like Arngrim, Alicia, Lenneth.
Now, a best part,game is not only free to play, it is also mainly SINGLE player!
 Thats right, there is no endless grinding and facing those imposibe to beat pay to win players,just play casualy , select which character to recruit next,and have fun.
 Game play by watching storie of character in cutscenes betwen dungeons, after coupe of dungeons, character is recruited. There is also optional  sidequests for each character in which you get more of its storie , as well as aperience and role for each of already recruiced characters in folowing stories that are related to them(for example,near start of game you recruiced a minor fencer,and some time later that same fencer has mayor role in storie of recruicing his former master) .
Game is Japanese voiced/dubed,all menus  are in English ,sound ,music graphic ,artwork and  animations are excelent .
 Only time you have contact with other players is either when you select their favorite character as your suport character(it plays as quest character, you ishue commands to it and use their special skills) ,or when you face ther team in Einheriar transfer events, entirly optional segment of game, in which you send your team to serve Odin in Valhala for an hour, and there they can auto-fight against another player team ,and i even beat them there 50% of the time . If you loose ,no harm done, if you win,you get rep points, good weapons at end of season for even mediocore ranking there,and you also get exp bonus for all dungeons for next hour while your team is out in Valhala.
Like i said,game is hard as you want you to be, i am lv 21 now , i have 12 characters now  and i dint encounter any fight that wasnt  easy so far, in main storie. Optional stories and aditional quest do require some smart setings ,but thats why they are optional,and they can be beaten by little effort.
 All in all, i highly recomend you try out this game ,if nothing elso, fans of Valkirye Profile games will like it for storie alone.
 You can install ot from Play Store :
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i have played the Lenneth chapter both on ps1 and psp, great mature story rpg
i'll check for this one too, thanks for the review (well, its more than an heads up Smile ) Sasa
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