N64 reset fix

#1. Post Posted: 05-02-2019, 12:53 AM
Just thought I'd offer a possible solution to anyone having a problem with their N64 resetting on them.

I went to play my N64 yesterday and when I would start a game it would reset every time, but when I sat at the EverDrive screen it was fine. Looked online and there seems to be no sure solution, some suggest taking the system apart and cleaning it while others say they just replaced their system (really hope they didnt throw it away). I tried cleaning and reseating the expansion pack but the resetting continued and I took the power supply apart but none of the capacitors appeared to be bad yet.

Then I remembered the Dreamcast does something very similar when its power pins get dirty, so I took some soft pipe cleaners dipped in rubbing alcohol and put them in each of the power connector holes on the back of the N64, in those holes there are little pins so you have to work it around each one a bit. 

I've left my N64 running for hours today with a game running and it hasnt reset any at all since. So if you have this problem my suggestion is to get some electrical contact cleaner and spray it in that connector real good and clean it the best you can with a pipe cleaner, then repeat the process with rubbing alcohol and turn the N64 on its back to let everything drain out and dry before you plug it back in.

This also works really well for cleaning HDMI ports and HDMI cables.
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Nice tip. Thanks man.
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There exists port covers for nearly any kind of connector port, though obviously the less proprietary, the cheaper and more common they will be, like say, USB, HDMI, and VGA port covers. I use USB port covers with my PS3 and PS2. Little black silicone plugs with a small tab for removal. Pretty handy. I should get more, as I have a metric buttload of computers and consoles that collect dust and aren't on "display".

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sounds like this issue was caused by oxidation.
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thanks for the tip, handy to know
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