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Online Animal Crossing
Hello all,
I wanted some advice, I'm looking for an online animal crossing or equivalent. On the console versions you can have one village where 4 of you can each log on, do your save and then the others can log on and see what you've done. ItsI a great asynchronous multiplayer in a way. A shared space.
Animal crossing you need to be there and open your gates to my knowledge so does anyone know if there is an online shared space game out there like animal crossing on the same console?

I've recently been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS, and while I've not explored any of the online or multiplayer options, I believe it's asynchronous (through persistence of the gameworld) whilst potentially also being synchronous by allowing 'friends' to visit while you are "within world".

As for other games that allow for a similar feature... Minecraft.

[Image: 33845.png]

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