PSX Eboots Load save file from disc 2
Started by Dartz

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05-09-2019, 01:25 PM -
hi guys , anyone know how load save file for multigame disks from disk 2 in psp eboots ? i have a final fantasy 8 save file from disk 2 and not know how load save file from there , when run the game it run disc 1 from default ... thanks in advance
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05-09-2019, 01:59 PM -
Load the game normally.
When you see the SONY Logo, Press the HOME Button (PS) (You can do it before this point)
You'll now be in the settings for that game image
Select Switch DISK
Swap disk to disk 2
Reset from the menu
Disk 2 will load
Load your save game...

OR just click RESET from the menu and it will ask you which disk you want to boot :)

IF a game originally came with 2 disks, this means that disk 2 MUST be bootable to load the save game like an original disk set would. So you use the HOME button to swap disks from the menu :)
Can't find it? Look a little harder lol
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