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New Website
Our new website is up and running on
We would love to get your feedback and ideas if you would like to see something changed or added to the site
[Image: sig2.png]
[Image: 22731.png]
Looks great, Massamo! You guys are still doing a hell of a job on it!
I like the new layout and the Home Page is refreshing.
Save The Best For Last!
[Image: Banner.png]
Sorry, I'm really not a fan.
The homepage is a cluttered mess of unnecessary overly large banners (most of which have stretched/distorted imagery, making it look even worse). The simple, functional, aesthetic of the previous homepage was far more pleasing and more likely for me to read through the posts... I can't click away quick enough from the new one!

[Image: 33845.png]
ok thanks for the in put I will do some updates
[Image: sig2.png]
[Image: 22731.png]
I don't know exactly what you've done, but it's looking a lot better already! IMO it just needs a few tweaks to the text layout in the panels (maybe increase the font size a point or two, and possibly go with a 'cleaner' looking font).

[Image: 33845.png]
using mobile too much spammy ads imo
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
working on the ads
[Image: sig2.png]
[Image: 22731.png]

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