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Call of Duty ‘Modern Warfare’ Reveal
Is a Call of Duty ‘Modern Warfare’ Reveal Coming Thursday, May 30th

Leaked info saying its just called Call of Duty Modern Warfare and been a reboot
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I don't get it..
Isn't "COD MW Reamstered" out for some time now ?
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yes it has been
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[Image: 22731.png]
A reboot of a remaster does not make any sense.
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^ like it mater,all that maters for publishers is "Call of Duty" and "newest" lol.
I`ve bought every COD and Battlefield except, V. I told my self after being disappointed on COD BO4 that was probably done. Well after the reveal, I already preordered the new one for this October. It looked so good and now I cant wait! Big Grin
The only one I have is the first one. I'm in process of building a new p c, so I can play the rest.
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