insane prices of video games are they really worth it .

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I myself own some pretty expensive games but are some of these really worth the going price.rule of rose 385.00 and up Mk3 jewel case PS1 350 and up cubivore for GameCube 250 and up .Really who pays those type of prices just to set it on a shelf .But really is the game play really that good or is it just re seller and collector hype that keeps driving the prices up on mediocre games .Also all these collectors editions and special pre orders for ps4 and xbone they are mass producing them and selling them much higher than ever .I know demand and nostalgia can play a factor in price but I believe there is actually very few (RARE) games on the market .I now see games refereed to as uncommon  as a way to bring them closer to rare status . I'm not entirely complaining about price as i am concerned that quality is not the main factor .I see so many brag posts where the back drop is several high dollar games . i think having what you personally like versus what is expensive or sought after at the time makes for a more enjoyable collection and a more playable one . It just seems like such a waste to run around spending all that money on stuff you don't even like .
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Depends on the game. Rule of Rose and Cubivore are, from what I heard, at least good to very good games. Both being Atlus Published means they had limited print runs back when they where new. Atlus is notorious for single print runs on games that remained as proper Hidden Gems for many, many years and when people discover that these are actually good games prices on them explode.

MK3 Jewel Case on PS1 is down to it being a way smaller print run than the Long Box Version. Since the game is the same (aside from maybe a Bugfix or two) prices on this are a non-issue for the regular guy that just want's the game in their collection to play it. This is really just a hardcore collector's thing.

What irritates me way more is when games that where insanely popular back in the day fetch higher prices than they should. Like i.e. a couple of years ago a good Condition Final Fantasy 7 PS1 Black Label would fetch 70+€ pretty much any day here in Germany, some sellers even tried to claim that it is a rare game (how can be rare if there was a Platinum / Greatest Hits Re-Release of it?). Due to the Digital Re-Releases on pretty much anything in the last couple of years prices on it came down to a much more reasonable 20-30€.

One of the more baffling Price differences I encountered so far is Coaster Works on the Dreamcast. The PAL Version goes for around 40-50€ in used but good condition. For a game that can be completed in about 30-60 Minutes that is way too high for me, though I genuinely wanted to own this game legit to play it. I set up a safed eBay search to get a notification when a new listing pops up. As it turned out brand new sealed US Copies of that game sell for 10€ Shipped here.

My most expensive game is probably Steel Battalion on the XBox, but then again the game itself is actually dirt cheap and worthless because it requires that special controller, and that is what fetches the price.

Personally I would never pay more than double the original retail Price for a retro game, and even that only if it's something I really wanted for years and that I know I like, for most games though my limit is the original retail price. Lucky for me I'm mostly into Racing Games and FPS, and most of those either don't fetch high prices even if a bit rarer or you can grab them for cheap on Digital Stores.
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So I am guilty of paying more than double. I paid $400 for Lunar 1 and 2 on the sega CD as a bundle on etsy. They were the last 2 games I needed to complete my working designs set. so I still think it was worth it.
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Its all supply and demand. People will pay what its worth to them, i'm a tight Northerner so i can't afford much which makes the hunt for stuff more exciting when it comes off.
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(06-13-2019, 12:40 PM)Moandain Wrote: So I am guilty of paying more than double. I paid $400 for Lunar 1 and 2 on the sega CD as a bundle on etsy. They were the last 2 games I needed to complete my working designs set. so I still think it was worth it.

Nothing to feel guilty about and I would never say something against anyone paying high prices for Retro Games. I know that some games fetch high prices pretty much any day and I know that it is because of high demand. It sounds like they are games you enjoy playing anyway, you probably played them and unless they suddenly throw it on every digital Storefront available they will probably keep their value in case you have to sell them one day for whatever reason.
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I usually look at a game and put a price on it. And then if I can't get it for that price I'm glad there's emulation!
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Never pay more than the original retail price to play a game. If you don't have money coming out of your ears, just emulate. There's no glory in going broke trying to have a legit collection that no other living person will see, much less admire. The purpose of video games is to be played, not sealed away in xenon gas. If you want the real hardware experience, fine, get it while you can, but flash carts and the like are the way to go with those. That way, you get the real hardware, the games play perfectly, and you don't spend the price of a used car on building up a decent library.

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There are a handful of expensive games I'd consider buying, just because I really enjoy them (most have been mentioned here already - things like Rule of Rose, Snatcher, Gleylancer, Eliminate Down, even Earthbound), but they're unjustifiably expensive.

The "Limited Run" effect is killing a lot of special edition collecting, what with scalpers and "sealed" collectors ensuring resale prices escalate.

...although I find it highly amusing that LR's re-releases of GB and NES Star Wars have sold out (both come in $40 standard and $90 special edition versions), when they're easily available in their original physical release formats for literally pocket change.
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