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New Cassette deck
So i thought i would post as i haven't in a while, and thought i would make a mention of my new to me cassette deck. It is a Nakamichi CR1A, and i bought it for 92 off of ebay. Stated to be in pristine condition, and really is, and sounds amazing. I already have a Nakamichi bx 100, with a few scratches on the top like 2 or 3, and i wanted to get a backup deck, and knew from the sound i was getting from the bx 100 that i wanted another Nak. Needless to say, i am thinking of selling the BX 100, and getting another higher up 3 head Nak. What is your opinion on a Nak deck, and is the CR1A deck i just acquired better than my bx 100, i know it is in terms of gear drive vs idler wheel, but wanted peoples opinions and inputs!
lol, grab a cassette deck in 2019 is surely RETRO, congrats
do you have a big tapes collection ?

i still have something metal, dark genre yet, but i dont remember where
i need to search deep in the socket drawer lol
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]

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