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I made one of my semi-regular trips to the Videogame Market held at the Doncaster Dome venue (usually three times a year, and I go to at least one - this was the second this year, and I've been to both... I'll probably miss the one in December), and spent just under £200 (which is the average I spend at these events).
I thought I'd share a pic of my purchases, and in so doing create a thread where everyone can post their recent pick-ups (I know there have been a couple of "user specific" pick-up threads, but I thought it would be cool to have a more consolidated thread for those of us that aren't picking up new collection items quite as regularly).

Anyway, here's my haul from the Doncaster event (ignore the stickered prices - I saved around 10% overall via haggling and sweet talking);
[Image: DW34C0Y.jpg]
Bargain of the day was the CiB Jap GBA F-Zero for £3, most expensive item was the CiB SNES Secret of Evermore - couldn't get them to budge on the £70 price, but it was still a reasonable deal based on recent online prices.
There were no "impulse purchases" (for a change); everything I bought was on my mental wish list (and several were items I've been watching for months on ebay)... The DC KoF '99 completes my NTSC-J SNK fighting collection for the Dreamcast, and leaves me only requiring Twinkle Star Sprites to complete my NTSC-J SNK complete Dreamcast collection. Similarly, GigaWing gets me a step closer in my DC NTSC-J Capcom collection... I had the chance to buy the "For Matching Service" version of SF Zero 3 at the event, but £90 is far too steep for my budget so I'll stick with the regular "Saikyo Dojo" version I already have.

Non pictured items I also got this week were all current gen (PS4); Disgaea 1 Complete (on offer on the NISA Europe online store for 20-ish quid) and the new Samurai Shodown... but no one here's that interested in current gen  Cool
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God Hand really 40?! It's a really poor game... Think I own that for PS2, not sure, know I have iso
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Nice pick-ups.
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Nice pickups! I love Godhand!
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(07-01-2019, 07:36 PM)ZX81v2 Wrote: God Hand really 40?! It's a really poor game... Think I own that for PS2, not sure, know I have iso

Yeah, I didn't pay 40... I got him down to what CeX are charging for a 'boxed' copy (the one I bought is 'mint') - £32... same seller I got the 3 quid F-Zero from, "Gold Saucer Games".
It's a desirable title due to being directed by Shinji Mikami and Clover, the dev team, now being more commonly known as Platinum Games.
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Nice, any region version of Gigawing is a great find.
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