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You can call me Pyro, or Lindwyrm, if you want. XD I just enjoy videogames a lot, especially those older ones that sadly haven't been rereleased in years, or even decades. So to be able to enjoy the nostalgia of my younger days (and hearing that this place had risen from the ashes after what Nintendo did to the Isozone), I joined up here to be able to get those old but good games.

Haven't seen the downloads page yet, but I've heard it is still in the works? Either way, I can wait. But again, hello, call me Pyro or Lindwyrm, and I am happy to meet all of you.  Smile
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welcome friend!!
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......

I'd like to tell you a story about a carpenter who had some pretty funny ideas and was born to a virgin...her name was Mary and her son was Lyle...he had a learning disability
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Hi and Welcome.
Downloads >> Go here >> ****
Sign up and you have the downloads :)

2 sites, not linked


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Welcome to the site.

Tiz went down, but not because of Nintendo. More of a soap opera story than that Lol

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