Diagrams for My game room
Started by Moandain

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07-05-2019, 01:35 PM -
OK guys I am still in the planning stages (Read my stepson has not moved out yet) of my game room.
So I created some guides for myself to follow when assembling everything.
Let me know what you thing and if there are any improvements that can be made. 

Here is the power setup
[Image: 00b35sboe328daj4g.jpg]
They Pyle-Pros are rack-mount surge protectors with switches on the front to control the individual plugs.

Here is the AV setup.
[Image: ed6blop94oaiwdj4g.jpg]
The Dreamcast can display via VGA or Svideo because of the Av box I have on it.
The RF systems work via a Sony DVD/VCR combo that does a good job accepting RF without interference and outputting it as Component to the rest to the system. 

I used Libreoffice Draw to get all of this done. It is free for everyone. If you want a copy I would suggest going to Ninite.com to get a clean version. 

Thanks for all the help and feedback.
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07-05-2019, 03:08 PM -
That's an unenviable task you've got there, but it looks like you've given all of it a lot of thought.

Due to space restrictions I limited my setup to one screen (49" 4k Sony Bravia) and a maximum of 12 consoles hooked up at any one time, all using either RGB SCART via a Bandridge splitter box (the TV has a single SCART input) and native HDMI (except the Dreamcast which uses an Akura box to output to HDMI and the PS2 which is utilising the one set of component inputs on the tv).
It's rather streamlined, although I have to utilise various "backward compatability" workarounds to play other systems I don't have hooked up (ie, Master System via PowerBase Converter on my Megadrive, OG Xbox on X360, PS1 on PS2, Wii on WiiU, etc), but it suits the space I have it all in.
The only semi-annoying cabling issue I have comes from only having one stepdown power supply, but having two US consoles that need to use it, but it's easily accessible for being able to switch between my NeoGeo CD and SNES Jr.
All the sound is output from the TV to my old Denon stereo amp that is now 30yrs old and sounds as good as it did the day I bought it.
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