Hey everyone!

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Hey there everyone!

I've been a game collector my entire life.
I've done artwork for game stores, wall murals, I refinish and paint furniture with videogame themes. 
Gaming has been a huge influence for me in many ways.

A lot of games I grew up playing are hard to find now and to get running on a modern PC. Many of which had working copies on TIZ.
I frequently visited TIZ for that reason, though not so much in the forums. 

Anyways, It's awesome to see so many people here who all enjoy gaming as much as I do. 
It's nice to meet you all!  Thank you for having me!
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Welcome aboard GameGenie  Smile , nice to meet you too!
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Damn, maybe I should've named myself GameShark instead to have a running theme, lol.

Welcome aboard.
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Welcome to the new site, make yourself at home!

I dabbled with downloads on tiz, but the community was definitely what I stuck around for.
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welcome Smile
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