Life going down hill........FAST

#1. Post Posted: 07-11-2019, 10:53 PM
Undecided I am getting closer to the end, next month I'm buying a PF9 Pistol and one bullet, so that I can escape the pain in my leg and the pain in my heart. The doctors do nothing but get a Fee of $750 to give me an estimate of what they can not do. I hate doctors, and i'm close to the end, 8 months of yellow crap pouring out of my leg (with very strong pain), and a 4 inch square wound that does not heal, ever.
The cold air or heated air drive me crazy, and now my housemate is doing the same. I loathe eating, and go nowhere! Undecided 
Just letting everyone know, the time is short, and this is not living to me.
Heart To everyone of you.
Kindness and generosity are great qualities to share with others. Cool  
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Dont know what to say buddy,i cant even imagine sufering you are going trough,all i can say is this:
Life is precius,life is one,live it every secund you have given,despite  bad cards you have ,planty of time for rest in a grave.
Hang on there , ol pirate !
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Pirate, we've talked a lot in the past. If you wanna make a new friend, we can chat offline and shoot the shit. Don't leave us. Don't leave this earth. Time and Life is precious. Yeah we all suffer. It friggin sucks. We have to have faith and hope. To me, Living is better than dying. Reach out to me and we can chat. I'm here for you. STAY STRONG!
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this is really sad news

you are suffering pain, yet you post great funny stories/ kind and appropriate replies here
that demonstrate how great and strong you are

there are no real alternatives for your leg?

hope something good comes out quickly for you ++
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Maybe you should you should get a peg leg? If your leg isn't healing and causing lots of pain it seems to me that it might be a good solution. Also if memory serves you are in Cali have you tried some medicinal Marianna? It will help with the pain and give you your appetite back.

What ever you decide? I'll keep you in my prayers!
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Things can get better.
I know from experience. I had a bad bike wreck 6 years ago and knocked a 4 inch wide hole on my right elbow down to the bone. I remember thinking: well I have no job and I have no insurance so I guess I will go home and hope that I make it. Friends forced me to goto the hospital. I was so covered in road rash that my iv was put into my groin. I spent 3 months in a hospital bed and had 3 surgeries on my elbow. The hospital gave me a bill for everything $80,000 roughly, and I thought I was doomed. Then a charity came along and covered the bill. A girl I was seeing, invited me to stay with her and change my bandages twice a day (we are married now).

Yes it was the lowest of lows in my life, but I stuck with it for those around me and those that love me. now the only two things from that time that I still have are, my lovely wife and a few scars that will fade with time. Just know that things get better.

Please take a look into what the yellow substance is. It could be bile or puss. 
Also look into some Sterile Iodoform Packing strips. They could help with keeping the wound clean. 

May I ask how the wound occured? I have some Medical friends that may be able to give advice.
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Pirate,first and foremost please DO NOT take your own life. you are a great guy,and you shouldnt go to hell just because of such a thing. please try to hold on,pray,ask god to help you. i am sure that god will help you a lot here,and when your time truly comes you will be in heaven. PLEASE do not waste your eternal life, you have suffered a lot in this one. do not suffer in the next one too, you are an awesome guy and you deserve better. i wish i could help you,and i am praying for you. dont give up.
#8. Post Posted: 07-13-2019, 11:19 AM
Piratetar, dude.. that's so sad bro  Swad  I'm so sorry to hear that, I just a wanna let you know we are all here for you buddy you can always count on us, sometimes life can be tough but don't ever let it beat you man, I wish you the best my friend.
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Update, I had some prayer,a couple of guys laid their hands on me and prayed, I thought what the hell, what do I have left anyway, if it works, o k, but if it doesn't the pistol and bullet will do it. Well it did work somewhat : the pain reduced 95%, n the flow of yellow (not puss) slowed way down to almost nothing!

So their prayers worked much, and tears stopped flowing, I'm almost pain free, thanks everyone for your good thoughts about me, when the end was coming close. Pain is something that is tough to handle, when all use have is aspirin, the doctors in the USA are so afraid to give you pain killers, seems to be a political thing, pain destroys life's, they would NOT give anything to me, because others had abused them before. I guess I should not eat,since others have ate took much, BEFORE!

I'd love to have a girlfriend or at least a dog, but nothing for me ,except you guys,thanks for being there!!!!!
Kindness and generosity are great qualities to share with others. Cool  
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[Image: HallelujahSquirrel.0.0.jpg]

Glad you are better old pirate , keep your hopes up. If standard medici e wont help you, then try alternative.Here for example, traditional folk medicine  in form of curative plants that are used to make teas or coatings to put on painful places heve great suces , for example , "gavez" ( "Symphytum officinale" ,
) ,is particulary miraculus.

I am sure you can find alternatives in US , planty of efective and natural folks  medicine is out there, just need to ask araund.
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