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So i recently purchased a new PC! Said PC is a Dell Inspiron 5676 gaming desktop. The computer has a Ryzen 2700, 16 gigs of ram, a amd RX 580 4 gigabyte, and a 1TB HDD. The total cost of the machine was 742 total with taxes, and retailed for 1200 without discounts and such. I was just chatting in as the PC has become really noisy, and the power supply is the reason, The power supply goes into beast mode every once in a while, and gets louder than both the exhaust fan, and the processor fan. It happens at random, and can last anywhere from a few seconds to close to a minute, and i was just wanting everyone's input on the situation. Anyone have one of these systems with ryzen processor, and does it do this, and or do you think something is the matter? have owned all dells all used, and my latest a precision t3500, never had this problem, nor any other dell, and my precision had a 525 watt power supply. This dell has a 460 watt power supply. Aside from that, it is a blazing fast computer, the Blue LED'S are awesome, and not flashy, the ventilation is best i have seen on most OEM's! Thanks to all who chime in
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yes its fine its because the fan on the PSU is kicking in wanting to cool itself for a bit
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The ball bearing of the both fans are wearing off, best method you can try is remove the fans from case, remove the sticker and try to oil or lubricate into the hole that holds the fan.
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