Game systems you regret getting
Started by tekkaman

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08-29-2019, 04:46 AM -
Hello everyone,

Do you have or had systems that you regret getting ? Maybe you got them as gifts and were disappointed. Share your experiences and why did those systems were disappointing to you. I had a few and I´ll share my first now. The first one for me was the Atari Jaguar. It was my elementary school graduation and I really wanted a Sega Saturn but it was too expensive. So we went to KBToys to check if there was a cheaper alternative. The employee recommended the Jaguar. The recommendation was based on two things. It´s 64-bit and the system and games are very cheap. I think the system costed like $50 vs the $400 of the Saturn. And the games were just $10 each. I really tried to like it. But I just couldn´t. There weren´t any good platformers,fighting games or beat em ups for it. And all the games felt like they were meant for older Atari systems. I only had Bubsy, Zool2, Dino Dudes. One thing that drived me nuts is that many games advertised that were 2 players but it was a lie. Even if you had 2 controllers it was turn based. Play first and when you die, then the other player gets a chance. That was so 80´s. I think the system itself isn´t bad. It just didn´t have many good games. Specially not many actual 2 player games.


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08-29-2019, 05:24 AM -
I don't regret any systems I own. Even systems like the Phillips cd-i has some fun games! And virtual boy most of the games I have are fun and I think people just jump on the bandwagon to talk bad about it.
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08-29-2019, 11:23 AM -
as a crude retroplayer, probably all the systems that have today a good emulation (better in many cases),
expecially the cd/dvd based ones, too delicate (don't know if is the correct translation) imo

as a nostalgic, none of them Smile
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08-29-2019, 12:44 PM -
I do not really regret buying my systems. However I do have 2 that I would not suggest for others because of their current price and how I believe the system is not worth it IMHO.
The Magnavox Odyssey II: it is a fun system and I got mine for $20 with 8 Games back in the early 2000s, but it is not worth what people are asking for just the system now, and I would not buy it at today's prices.
The Phillips CDI: I have a CDI-450 with an IR remote and a Gamepad with 9 games. I got the gamepad separately later but the rest of the bundle I paid $35 dollars for, again in the early 2000s. Would I suggest paying today's prices for a CDI.... Nope. People asking $100+ for that system are insane, especially since the system clock battery is such a pain to replace, and the system cannot function without it.

So in short yes I have a lot of systems, but most of them I got at the right time for the right price. I just can't see paying the prices today for some of the retro consoles on the market.


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08-29-2019, 11:01 PM -
Atari 5200. I got it cheap because it was broken at the time, but the controller makes it useless. If I had known then what I know now, I would have gotten an Atari 8bit computer. Same hardware, mostly the same games, and no crappy controller. You can even build your own flash drive for floppies and such from an arduino using open source software for it.

I still need to get that done actually, but realistically, for systems you aren't nostalgic for or have an emotional attachment to I would just emulate, especially for older systems. Emulation for those is pretty much rock solid.


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08-30-2019, 04:01 AM -
Never owned a bad System. i would like to one day own Sega Genesis.
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08-30-2019, 07:49 AM -
I had C-64,original  NES,PS1,PS2 and PC,and i regret nothing.

Well, except i regret  having switched PC to windows 8 OS ,but after i seen how bad it performs, i switched back to XP next day lol.
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08-30-2019, 07:54 PM -
None,as I am a collector,and i got the vast majority of my systems for dirtcheap compared to their normal asking price.


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08-31-2019, 08:24 AM -
Yes, the PS4 lol

Damn install/loading times, worse than a speccy.
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08-31-2019, 06:47 PM -
(08-31-2019, 08:24 AM)Biggsy666 Wrote: Yes, the PS4 lol

Damn install/loading times, worse than a speccy.

the xbox360/ps3 were the point of no return in this matter
using discs to store the last BIG releases could be the cheaper solution for the software houses
but is not anymore the best for us gamers imo

new solutions are needed
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