final fantasy X international undub iso

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Apparently there is a problem with this ISO.
The first time I played through this (you are on a boat headed to Luca) I thought it was supposed to be impossible to do the Jecht shot.
But apparently, there is a problem with this ISO, and the prompts just DONT SHOW UP AT ALL.
Its odd because right before there is a "practice" and the prompts show up fine.
I guess I will just reload and mash buttons until it works....
I wonder if the people who made this ever fixed it.

I think there may also be a memory leak with the "soft reset" on this, but not sure yet.
sure would be nice if this ISO was about 300mb smaller.
however I opened it with ISObuster and you cant read the data.  odd.
It takes up the entire disc and sometimes wont boot with ESR on my ps2.

this iso also has 3 questions in japanese, when you select "new game"
according to EP******.com, the first question is,
sphere grid, normal or expert.
But then I see on this other site, it says the first question is,
game, normal or international.
I believe that the second one is wrong, but not sure.
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Okay figured out about the Jecht shot, its not obvious at all, but I dont want to spoiler it


When the game starts select, International version and English Subtitles, see images below for reference:
(this is incorrect, both versions are international. The first question is Sphere Grid.)
New Game (Questions in Japanese)
Sphere Grid?
Are you sure?
English <-------

What’s Change?

Addition of the Expert Mode Sphere Grid.
Addition of six new Skill abilities: Extract Power, Extract Mana, Extract Speed, Extract Ability, Full Break, and Nab Gil, along with two new Special abilities: Pilfer Gil and Quick Pockets.
Raise MP cost of Quick Hit from 12 to 36.
Addition of ten optional Dark Aeon battles: Dark Valefor, Dark Ifrit, Dark Ixion, Dark Shiva, Dark Bahamut, Dark Yojimbo, Dark Anima, Dark Cindy, Dark Sandy, and Dark Mindy.
Addition of superboss Penance which appears after defeating all dark aeons.
Inclusion of Another Story, also known as Eternal Calm – FINAL FANTASY X-2: Prologue.
Inclusion of developer interviews.
Combat system received few changes:
Quick Hit has its recovery speed lowered by one.
Auron’s Masamune is downgraded from the original Japanese version, where it dealt double the damage based on remaining HP compared to US/Int./PAL versions
Auron’s Tornado hits twice instead of once.
Wakka’s overdrive now receives damage bonus based on how much time is remaining when the last slot is hit.
Anima’s Oblivion hits 16 times instead of once. Damage constant for the overdrive has been lowered from 75 to 4.
Magus Sisters’ Delta Attack hits 6 times instead of once. Damage constant for the overdrive has been lowered from 60 to 10.
Yojimbo’s initial compatibility was increased from 50 to 128.
Yojimbo’s attack formula has been altered, and now it is much easier to get Zanmato than in JPN/US versions.
Omega Weapon is buffed from the original version. It now boasts 999,999 HP instead of 99,999 HP, absorbs all elements and is weak to Osmose.
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Good info, it shuld be added to game description.

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