Neo-Geo in 2019 Who still plays it?

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So I remember seeing Neo-Geo games advertised in magazines ages ago. The graphics were definitely ahead of their time, RIGHT? but DAMN dude. $199 per game? Fuck no.. Too much for too little, then and now.

I know that some people love those games, but I've never been enraptured by the Neo-Geo games.

A friend once told me: "I still play mine almost daily. Been a die hard Neo fan since the system first came out. I have a Neo Geo CDZ system and an MVS cabinet."
Me: NeoGeo CD system sucks ass.

Now I am curious as to whether there is still a community supporting this "console". I say it sucks for a few reasons (though I have never used one). First, even the second "generation NeoCD with 2X drives (which is rare as hell) has incredibly long load times, and also some changes had to be made to the game for its reduced amount of RAM. The games basically have to be ported to it like to anything else."

So NO!
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I have an AES system. Thankfully I got it when I did.
The system. 2 arcade controllers, and 6 games for about $550.
The games:
Art of fighting
Cross swords
Fatal Fury Special
Samurai Showdown
Samurai Spirits: Zankuro Musoken (Japanese import)
Top Players Golf

Now the problems:
The ball tops on my sticks are cracked (all of them crack no matter what you do) So I replaced them and kept the originals around.
The edge connector is at best temperamental and at worst an absolute bitch to keep working.
The cost of the games are insane. including the Neo SD. $500 for a flash cart is just too much, and all the good shooters are $500 plus. The Neo Geo market feels very closed off to gamers in general, and the prices are looking to keep it that way.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Neo Geo, but if I did not get mine at the right place and time for the right price, I would pass this system by.
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I have an MVS I just got up and running. I also have one of those 138 in 1 carts with the daughter board and a Neo Geo CD style controller. More game controllers need that micro switch D-pad. That thing is awesome.
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I may not own a console, but Sengoku 3 is always a treat with emulator.
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i have the home cartridge version with 10 games and two joysticks, but not where im living now
Got it used at time for the equivalent of 250 euro (all the bundle)
Apart a couple of games the emulation of this (and cd version too) is almost perfect and there are surely many titles that need to be played, expecially today and also for a 2d lover like i am too.
A couple of last projects have been released also for the Dreamcast, and are great too (Gunlord, Last hope, Fast Striker and Neo xyx)

So yes, expensive hw/sw, but there are more cheaper alternatives to reach to play his great games
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