Splinter Cell: Double Agent Review
Started by JD0200

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10-26-2018, 01:27 AM -
Good evening/morning/afternoon to everyone out there in RetroZone land! It feels great to be back here; And what better way to express that than in the form of a review? This review will be the start of a new series of reviews involving, quite possibly, the best stealth game series in history: Splinter Cell. (Yes, I realize that Metal Gear Solid is the best, but we all have our own opinions, right? Wink) I'll be reviewing the fourth entry in the series, "Double Agent". With that being said, get ready to sharpen your knife and load your SC-20K!

The year is 2008. After Japan nearly sparked World War 3, the world is finally at peace. But there's no rest for the National Security Agency and Sam Fisher; During a mission in Iceland, Fisher receives news that will change him to his very core. He will undertake a dangerous mission that could end with him either captured... or killed. If he succeeds... the world may very well be at peace again.

It's unusual for me to review a late entry in a game series, but I've deemed it worthy for this review. Double Agent is the fourth entry in the Splinter Cell series, and takes the gameplay in a whole new direction. Why does this matter, you ask? This matters because there are actually TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS of Double Agent; There's the "Next-Gen" versions on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and the "Last-Gen" versions on the PS2, Xbox, and GC. The plot is practically the same on both Gens, but with a few minor differences. (I'll leave it to you all to find them Wink) The last-gen version was made by Ubisoft Montreal, who made the previous entry in the series, Chaos Theory. The next-gen version was made by Ubisoft Shanghai, who made the second entry, Pandora Tomorrow. I can't really describe the gameplay since there are two different versions, but I can say this: The last-gen versions play almost identical to Chaos Theory, and the music is just about the same, except for a few additions.

My final verdict for Double Agent: Regarding the Next-Gen version, it's alright, but generally, the story has gaps in it, and could have been done better. As for the Last-Gen version, the gameplay is identical to the previous game, but fills in the gaps left by the Next-Gen version. (Once again, I leave it up to you, the community, to find the gaps and fill them in) But in general, the game is a good sequel to Chaos Theory, and I recommend you play both versions. Unfortunately, the downloads aren't available at this time. (Sorry guys Sad

That brings an end to this review, but not the series of reviews! The SC series will continue next week, but the game I'll review will be kept a secret. Gotta keep some type of secrecy, right? With that being said, I'll see everyone next week! Smile
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10-26-2018, 01:32 AM -
love the review just dl'd this game the other day its on my list to play,just a tip for anyone starting these games steer clear of the GC versions bad level design levels have literally been shrunk to the point of a total linear experience with no room for optional paths or movement
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......

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10-26-2018, 07:52 AM -
Love the review~ The game alone bring some fond memories of playing it on a friend's PS2 in a dreary Saturday afternoon x3
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10-26-2018, 08:11 AM -
probably first game i have played on 360
not bad at all for being one of the early titles
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