Another old TiZ member ^^

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Big Grin 
Hi everyone,

some might remember me, some not, maybe by my name, maybe by my avatar. I was mostly around in SEGA (Saturn+DC) forums. I remember ZX and Pinky from here and I really miss this night...something guy who was totally into SEGA modding and a forum buddy to rely on.

It took me a long long while to register here. Since the time of around when TiZ was going offline there was lots of movement on those bigger retro forums. Assemblergames was again offline with nobody knowing anything, Obscuregamer popped out of nowhere and when TiZ was entirely unavailable for anyone Assembler came back online, stayed in a non-maintained status ever since and Obscuregamer is also no more.

My bottom line is this: With TiZ being gone there's without a doubt a cultural void left. One of the liveliest, yet friendliest and most social, helpful, well care-taken and informative places on the web to have ever been part of.

Thank you for reading,
a demon from the past
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Awesome, glad to see another of the flock find its way into the fold.

Welcome Smile
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Hey there Demon,  good to see you posting again ,wellcome back.
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Welcome to the Retrozone.
Save The Best For Last!
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tiz will never die in our hearts,great to have you.
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......

I'd like to tell you a story about a carpenter who had some pretty funny ideas and was born to a virgin...her name was Mary and her son was Lyle...he had a learning disability
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Welcome to the new site(s)
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don't remember you, then again I wasn't on the old site for very long
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Welcome Back!
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Welcome back dude
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