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Is anyone gaming on a Linux Gaming Distro, I]m checking them out (like SteamOS) I just built a brand new "Bad Ass" P C. I have not installed a op sys yet (I really hate windows 10)
Ryzen 5 Cpu
MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard
500gig S S D
128gig M.2
1T Hard drive for data
Huge Case, I mean HUGE, four d v d bays, 6 hard drive bays, window view port ,1 floppy bay (if needed), USB 3.1,USB 3.0, USB 2.0
R G B lighting, 750 watt modular power supply, C P U Cooler, 16 gig of 3000 Ram, 2gig onboard vram, or 4gig of MSI video card. External sata port. This board accepts overclocking!
Went all out on this thing.
Also just built a old gaming rig, with Aero Blue Windows 7-64 bit,SP1. (just finishing up)(offline old game machine)just for me!
I have been busy, just found out it's been two months since I was here last, but I'm o k.
Replies Please on Linux Games!
Later...............From the rum bottle of a pirate to your door,hic. Cool
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Hello oll Pirate, congratulations on  geting  new ride .
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I've never played on a Linux machine but all I can say is that's some badass setup you got there, congrats mate. Cheers Cheers
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