Any other bikers in here?

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I'm just asking is there any other bikers in here?

I'm almost counting the days for a March. I hope that I can start a driving season then with my XV535. That Kawasaki ZR 750 was my last summer ride. Now I have a good time to play vgames. Time is running more quickly and it avoid me to get bored. I do not like winter at all. 

I'm member of motorcycle club called "Gospel Riders" . On winter we had garage evenings and we're also have planned drives on upcoming summer. I will try to drive so much as I can on a summer to gain more experience. I'm dreaming about to drive along a Europe on some day. 

Man needs a toys; bike and c64...LOL .

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Yea, I retired from my club.
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Harley's are neato! I always thought someday when I grow up I'm gonna get a harley!
Then people will have to notice me! And they'll have to deal with my.. For once! The open road! The wind in my face! I'll go from city to city! Everyone lookin' at me! "Who's that guy?" "He must be tough!"

I'll have my girl on the back seat, holdin' on to my fat belly. Sure,she's missin' a few teeth, but she's thinks I'm cool! That's why when I grow up. I'm gonna be a harley rider.

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Lol that was a joke

(01-02-2020, 02:33 PM)Moandain Wrote: Yea, I retired from my club.
Did you own a bike?
I've done questionable things.
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