ZArcade 205-217 Update is Live
Started by ZX81v2

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01-12-2020, 05:10 PM -
[Image: a8fac3e3d7.png]

ZARCADE 0.200-D1-6.iso Disk 1 of 6 -
ZARCADE 0.200-D2-6.iso Disk 1 of 6 -
ZARCADE 0.200-D3-6.iso Disk 1 of 6 -
ZARCADE 0.200-D4-6.iso Disk 1 of 6 -
ZARCADE 0.200-D5-6.iso Disk 1 of 6 -
ZARCADE 0.200-D6-6.iso Disk 1 of 6 -

ZARCADE Disk 7 Update - 0.200-0.205.iso -

You need everything ^^ Above ^^ this line. This is the main bulk


ZArcade Disk 8 - 0.205-0.217 Update  <- THE UPDATE !!!
Part 1 - 

Part 2 - 


CHD's Disk 1 - 
CHD's Disk 6 -
CHD's Disk 6 -
CHD's Disk 6 -
CHD's Disk 6 -
CHD's Disk 6 -

Artwork Update 217 Disk 1 

Artwork Update 217 Disk

All files extract to
8x Main DVD5 images for Arcade 200-217 main rom bulk of working only games!
6x Extra ISO's of the CHD files (These go into ROMS folder -as- a folder. Roms\Area51\Area51.chd)
2x ISO of a ton of new Artwork and Bezels, including a shed load of widescreen... Total 6.14gig....

If you have any issue with the above links,Please PM me and I'll sort the problem. Believe it or not, I have just tried 10 link shortner sites and this is the best out the lot...


So if your new to this package...
Download the main 8 ISO's and BURN them to DVD for backup reasons ! This will give you 9,000 Arcade Games

Mount each disk in ORDER using something like Daemontools or extract the files from the ISO using 7zip... Your call

1. Make a folder somewhere on HDD Called - ARCADE217
Mount each disk;copy/extract Into that folder EVERY thing one the first disk
Repeat this with the rest. If a later disk say Overwrite? You say YES!
After you have got through the copying, you will have a folder called Arcade217 inside the Arcade 217 folder you made.

Copy ALL the other folders/files Into THAT folder ( eg C:\Arcade217\Arcade217\<HERE> )

Once everything is in folder enter it and select everything and M0OVE it BACK a folder ( eg C:\Arcade217\ )
Reason for this is it keeps the files in right order, newer not being overwritten by older etc...

2. Loading Arcade
Now You should see a BLUE Icon with a BIG "A" in it, double click it Smile

Now you have Arcade frontend loaded, the first thing you do is Click OPTIONS Tab > Interface Settings and TICK the boxes
Allow game selection by Joystick (If plugged in)
Show QUIT Confirmation (Nothing worse than pressing ESC 2x )
Use Different Icon For none Working roms ( You get a RED BLOB as icon - Don't try to load these! )
Display NO ROM Games are always Available (PONG)

Enable Faster Audit
Enable scanning of 7z files

Display Info On Tab - ALL

Click Ok


3. General Game Options
Options Tab > General Game Options Once Loaded

Click on the Advanced Tab and TICK Triple Buffering. This should help with slower PC's also it helps some games out and stops screen tare.

Click Controls tab - Tick these
Enable Mouse Input
Enable Joystick Input  (If your using)

Offscreen shots Reload

Click Misc Tab and Tick
Enable Cheats
Coin Lock Out

The rest, untick in that area

Cheat file , enter this

Tick Skip Game informations on Startup and Quit Confirmation

Click VideoSnap/Movie/Playback tab
Untick Auto Select Size and where it says "Patten" Select Gamename

Click Apply, OK

SHUT DOWN ARCADE !!! <- this makes it SAVE SETTINGS you just did !


Click TOOLS Tab > Select AUDIT All Games
Because everything is inside the Arcade folder, you do not need to set any folders/directories !

Make tea

Once done, click Ok - IGNORE the writing in the Audit box. These are none working games.

Close Arcade once more and reload it, play games Smile

IMPORTANT - IF you have a gamepad/joystick plugged in you can use it, but if you change any key bindings using the Ingame TAB Key, and the next time you load the controller is not plugged in, you will LOOSE your changed settings...
Once you have things how you want them controls wise, quit and BACKUP cfg\DEFAULT.CFG <<
If you loose you controls one day, close Arcade and replace the Default.cfg with your backup !
Reload Arcade

 NOTE : THIS IS NOT A SETUP GUIDE !! It's just the basic setup, feel free to mess Smile

If you don't like the Artwork you can either

a. Rename the Artwork folder
b. Options > Default Game Options > Misc > Tick Crop Artwork

If anyone gets stuck, let me know via a PM... Oh and before anyone says anything, I missed 1 Rom...
I'll sort that out in a min...

Original Arcade 0.200 thread >>

Oh and for those who purchased the NV/CFG files from me, your gonna be happy, they all still work Smile
Just put the NVRam\CFG folders into 217 folder Smile PSYVARIA is the exception ! I have included the updated NVRam files on the 217 update disk, just overwrite original
DIFF error ? Go to the DIFF folder and find the psyvaria.dif and delete it.

If you get ANY Problems with the links (or you made a mess) - MESSAGE ME ! Here or on Discord !

Have Fun Folks Happy New Year


*Note - I Refer to this as "ZArcade", basically it's just my Project name. I am in NO-WAY a programmer or anything to do with the people who make MAME/Arcade. All Credit to them in the first place Smile From 0.220 I will be making notes of all the resources I use and crediting them in this "Project".
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01-12-2020, 06:28 PM -
First of all BIG THANK YOU for all the hard work that You're doing for years now!
OK, so I have your Arcade 205, and the only new thing that i Have to download is Zarcade disk 8 and optionally new artwork disks?
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01-12-2020, 06:38 PM -
Yep, just copy the files from the disk over the top of your Arcade Folder :)
There are 2 folders o the Disk 8 update

Update Roms

Copy the contents of the ZArcade folder over the top of the 205 install
Copy the contents of the Update Roms folder into your ROMS folder
Overwrite everything it asks :)

I tried to make this as simple as possible

The Artwork disks, basically all the original Artwork files you have from the original 200/205 installs is on those disks, But there are a TON of new ones. Everything has been Re-crunched and updated Including SAMPLES :) Just overwrite your existing Artwork folder with the ones on the 2 artwork disks. :)
All Artwork is original stuff from Mr.Do's Arcade and Progetto Snaps  and contains a mixture of official artwork AND unofficial Artwork. Including a lot of Widescreen Bezels :)

217 is a lot more stable that 205, plus your NVRam/DIFF/CFG etc will all work
One point though - Psyvaria games, they will cause an issue on load if the NVRam/DIFF is wrong (It's in the Update Arcade folder so should have overwritten)
But if it don't ,
go into the DIFF folder and delete Psyvaria.dif
go into the NVRam folder and delete the folder PSYVARIA and it's clones.
Overwrite the NVRam folder with the one on the DISK 8 in the ZArcade folder :)
It should now run fine :)

Examples of the Artwork
[Image: 0e845443d5.png]
[Image: c591202e8a.png]
[Image: dfa7c3d479.png]

Get issues, just ask :)


NOTE : Only 64bit version of Arcade is supplied. Soon as I can find a 32bit build, I'll upload it
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01-12-2020, 08:27 PM -


>> >> >> Missing Rom here << << <<
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01-12-2020, 11:26 PM -
Great Work Bro! Thanks For Sharing!   Cheers
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01-13-2020, 02:31 PM -
Your all welcome, the only reason I do these working only builds is basically for you lot :)
Plus for how much I understand the file structure, this ain't such a huge job, even though it looks like it is..
I also -don't- use rom managers like CLRMAMEPRO to sort files, I have my own methods :)

Hence , I MISSED one bloody rom.... A whole 24k's worth... Well 1 rom out of 9.367, ain't bad going lol
The missing rom btw is under the tube video in the above post !

The Next update to this will be 220, and at this point I'll do and update for it (217-220) and also release a FULL Working romset collection (Like v0.200)

From 220, I will be separating the Artwork files totally out of the collection, and offer these are EXTRAS,
just to make things a l Little more tidy. Also should be able to reduce the number of DVD images...
Artwork(s) will be supplied as separate downloadable ISO's

*Artwork means the Supplemental art files, and NOT the actual "ARTWORK" folder. This is why the ARTWORK for 217 was it's own disk images. I'll just include updated Artwork(s) that are not contained in the 217 sets. I still have over 600 artwork Bezels to test.... These WILL be included in the 220 update if they work. Updated ; SNAPS/Artwork/Samples/BIOS/Device/Roms, will always be on the update disks.

*SNAPSHOTS* - All Snapshots were captured by myself (ZX81v2) from the actual games. None of the pictures are from other sites like Progettosnaps
*All Other Artwork* is sourced from Progettosnaps, Mr.Do's Arcade and a few other places that I found some unofficial Bezels
*Dat Files* from MAMEWORLD.INFO links
*Working Rom Sets* are ALL sourced from RETROROMS.INFO. No-where else !
*ZX81v2's Intro*
Code : Deltaforce Team. (O.S.D.M.)
Design :ZX81v2

*** THIS IS 100% FREE RANGE !!! ***

On the disk, there is a README.TXT, basic instructions, if anyone gets lost...

Oh yeah, one last thing, if anyone see's my work being used by LAMER sites, please let me know :)
I have way's of checking my work :)

ZX81v2 - R Tape Loading Err0r
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01-13-2020, 06:25 PM -
Apart the congratulations for the massive work made, and the fact that i don't know how you reached in this with a near-exploded pc ...lmao

a mention for your intro, very 16 bit style ++
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
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01-13-2020, 07:21 PM -
I started the process of updating, well starting again after loosing my MAME HDD, around 2 weeks before Xmas.
Not a xmas person, so I used the time to sort and start updating to 0.216. Then as I nearly finished, 0.217 was
Released, so I checked the files, updated them, then updated all the Artwork Files and took clean snapshots of all the new Artwork Enhanced bezels etc...
I finished this 6 days ago.

This is why the Artwork now is 6.14 GIG alone...!
But everything is sorted and no duff or un-needed files are wiped out. Everything is 7z.

BTW If you want, you can extract all the artwork files such as snapshots etc... for faster access speeds. I only compressed them to save on 1000's of files !

Don't extract the files inside "Artwork" folder though, all the rest are fine to extract. Including Icons.

This -IS- the best set online, if you need the tools to convert 7z to zip easily, let me know, t'iz just a script Smile
for things that don't support 7Zip.. also should be Hyperspin friendly sets. - I ain't doing the configs ! lol

Also the SMALLEST setup Smile

[Image: b40be7775d.png]

Any issues, message me Smile (or you find something I missed!)
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01-13-2020, 09:06 PM -
in reply to the "....and the fact that i don't know how you reached in this with a near-exploded pc ...lmao", comment. Yep, screen is hanging off nearly, only one working USB, touchpad is dead, keyboard is fubar lol
HDD Works...

I solved my USB problem by using a powered dock which has several usb ports. then plugging externals in via that... Long winded as hell... But it works !
How is still beyond me, this laptop should have melted by now...!
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01-17-2020, 04:39 AM -
dude are you the God of the games? cuz if you are I bow to you  Heart
Edit: check out this> Zzap!64 Annual 2020 hope you enjoy it Smile
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