ZArcade 205-217 Update is Live

#11. Post Posted: 01-17-2020, 01:49 PM
I never was into commodore. I was a Sinclair/Atari user, owned a C64 for two days, hated it.
I had a choice of an Atari STFM or an Amiga 500 with extras Foot Warmer and a Modulator sticking out the back that could fry your MOBO if knocked out while powered up. Gee wonder why I went Atari... lol
Also don't forget the LOGIC Bomb Virus..... and the Dormant bomb Virus... Destroyers of Hardware..

Atari ST, you had a Ghost virus, which basically inverted your mouse input lol

C64 lost me after I tried getting a new tape deck due to nothing working on it due to it's own playback
speed. Speccy, any tape deck will do (Mono) !

I think I still have all the Commodore Format mag collection somewhere, I may have to upload these somewhere.
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