Arcade 0.217 NVRam/DIFF files files Available
Started by ZX81v2

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02-08-2020, 01:25 PM -
Arcade 0.217 NVRam/DIFF files files Available
Hi folks, I just want to mention that I do supply all the setup NVRam and DIFF files for all the games in my collection.
Technically, they are not required, as they are created the first time you load a game.
However, some games require SETUP/Initialization to get running, and these can take a lot of TIME and effort to get working, depending on the game. So you use my files to bypass all the setups* / Initialization routines.

I supply this disk image for a small fee of £5, reason why is simple enough, see how long it takes YOU to load 9K games plus and setup everything..... as you can possibly tell, this took some time to accomplish....

If you are interested in this extra disk, PM me here or on Discord

To the People that already purchased the disk from me (0.200), PM me if you have any issues and I'll send the files you need, if needed.


- *Setup don't include configuration of controls. OR Calibration of Light guns. You will need to do this yourself from the games
TAB Menu or service Mode (F2 in game - F3 reset if required to activate)

I did originally supply my own cfg files configured for a XBOX360 controller, however if you use a different controller, the bindings do not match the controller inputs. IF you use a 360 game pad, I CAN send my cfg files. Due to limitations I can't make custom default.cfg for all controllers.

- Load a game and get a DIFF/NVRam Error ?
Simply enter the DIFF folder in Arcade folder, find the game that matches the ROM name for game, and delete it.
Reload the game. If that don't solve it, delete the NVRam for the game inside the NVRam folder.
eg Area51 throws an error relating to either
NVRam\Area51\ < Delete the folder
DIFF\Area51.diff < Delete the file
Only game I have had this happen to is PSYVARIA, and the updated NVRam is on the Update 217 disk anyway Smile
Next load you will regenerate the files and they will not error.
Like I said though, it's a fiver, it's your call Smile (Plus if you buy it, you get first dibs on next update - direct link Smile )

- CRC Error on CHD files?
You'll need the updated files, I can supply links Smile

- The 0.200 NV sets will still work on 0.217 if you have not updated to 217 yet. (For those who purchased the disk)

- Current full NVRam for arcade 217 is 4.2gig in size

- Pay-pal is acceptable or donation via my Go fund me page

Thanks for your support


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