Cool Free NES Tetris "Kraken" themed game !
Started by MaximumRD

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07-24-2020, 11:54 AM -
Cool Free NES Tetris "Kraken" themed game !
That's right, came across this and thought I would share. Not just in the classic 8-bit NES style but in fact actually available to play online in a browser based NES emulator

or even better download the latest ROM file direct from the authour to play in an emulator or even on actual NES compatible hardware using Flashcart / Everdrive etc.

A fun and impressive game! Check out this screen shot as well an excerpt of the description. Link to itchio . com for more info and ROM downloads. 
The Kraken cometh...

[Image: Capture.png]

From the deepest trenches of the ocean, the Kraken has come to lay waste to your city!

The archers have slung every arrow.
The burning tar has run dry.
Every piece of military weaponry has been dispatch.

And yet... the Kraken moves forward, climbing the towering walls of your seaside fortress.

With no ammunition left, the city itself moves from a barricade, to a weapon!

The stones of the walls are broken off, and hurdled down at hideous creature. And it just might be enough to
slow it down till morning, when surely help will arrive...


Hi! I am working on my first Homebrew NES game, FROM BELOW! 

It a falling block puzzle game featuring:

Soft Drops
Hard Drops
Wall Kicks
Lock Delay
3 modes of play:
Kraken Battle Mode

The signature mode of FROM BELOW. Battle the Kraken by clear lines across the onslaught of attacking Kraken Tentacles. The Tentacles push more blocks onto the screen every few seconds, forcing to act quickly, and strategize on an every changing board.


Classic Mode

The classic block falling mechanics you know and love without any new gimicks. Modernize for 2020, with Hard Drops, Lock Delay, and more, making this (hopefully) the best feeling puzzle game on the NES!

Turn Based Kraken Battle Mode

Similar to "Kraken Battle Mode", but instead of the Kraken attacking every few seconds, it advances its tentacle every time you drop a piece. Make every move count, as this move favors slow, deliberate play!
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07-24-2020, 01:47 PM -
Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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