Remakes That Are Worst Than The Original

#1. Post Posted: 10-28-2018, 05:30 AM
after seeing game play of Castlevania Requiem for the PS4 and seeing that SOTN is the PSP version and not the superior PS1 version that was also released on the 360 i had to ask, what remakes are worse than than the Original

As for Rondo Of Blood, it is the PC Engine version so i may get the game since i never got to play it.
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#2. Post Posted: 10-28-2018, 08:39 AM
First thing that comes to mind would be Conker: Live and Reloaded, simply for being even more censored than the Nintendo original. I also felt a bit mixed on Tomb Raider Anniversary, since it really seemed like Crystal Dynamics tried to do a fairly pure "spiritual remake," but it was painfully linear compared to the original. Movement didn't feel as precise, either.
As for Castlevania: Requiem, I'm still wondering why they didn't just give an option to change which audio track you wanted (Japan/US Original/PSP Re-recording) like Sega did with Sonic CD. The direct transfer from PSP and the release date really makes me think Sony/Konami did this to quickly cash in on the recent popularity of the Netflix cartoon, as well as the success of Capcom's Mega Man ports. Still, I've been emulating both available games for a while and don't have a PS4, so I don't really have a horse in the race. If it's all you have, I guess it would do.
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I disagree with the Tomb Raider Anniversary, and thought it was great! This coming from a guy who has it on PS1, Saturn, and PS3.

I do agree with Conkers, however.
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I disagree with that statement too, its mostly to do with the time we live in, Movie remakes in the 80s and 90s like The Thing, Night of the Living Dead, The Blob, etc were all good.

Nowadays nobody wants to take the risk of a good remake anymore most of the time,

Video Game Remakes also relate to that sort, but to a lesser extent in that more people are actually willing to remake a game for the better, or for worse.
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I think we will have to type much less in this post if it is renamed to :

"Remakes that are better  than original"  Rolleyes
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Honestly I just wish that they would go into the extended universes of old games more than remaking them/remastering them.
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Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins for the PSP was nice! Big Grin
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Eh, it's why I said "mixed," I just really like the grid based platforming in the original. Brings it more in line with its roots in Prince of Persia. I haven't played that many remakes actually, but I really liked Dune 2000. Better units, slightly more fleshed out objectives, and John Rhys-Davies barking "FOR THE DUKE!" directly in my face, it's all good.
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i just wish castlevanina for PS4 had the PSP remake playable.
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really i can't
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does silent hill HD collection count cause that was a turd
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