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Favourite rare PS2 games?
Shoot Em Up's

Gradius III & IV
Gradius V
Thunder Cross (HAMSTER)

Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex
Spyro series

Hack N Slash RPG
Shining Force EXA/NEO
Baldur's Gate -
Champions Of Norrath/Return To Arms
Basically, anything that uses the SNOWBLIND Engine
Onimusha Series

Urban Chaos

3RD Person
Transformers games. All of em !
Rogue Trooper
Demon Chaos

Outrun Coast 2 Coast
Midnight Club games

I have played literally 1000's of PS2 games (See my list) and played some amazing games that don't get the attention they really deserve.
The above are just a few I can think of off the top of my head
(02-01-2019, 06:11 AM)Nux Wrote: my big brother just gave me his Shadow Hearts: Covenant, he told me hes too old for games and he didn't enjoy it at all, we had an argument about that lol its a brothers thing we always argue for stupid things (irrelevant).. anyway hes giving away his ps2 collection and I think this one is kinda rare so I felt the need to share this here, I never played it so I'll try it out later, maybe tomorrow idk, feel free to throw your feedbacks Smile
[Image: IMG-20190201-544161.jpg]

That's a great game, i love Shadow Hearts series and it's prequel Koudelka for PS1. It's not rare here in Europe, don't know about US.
It has good story with interesting characters, unique atmosphere and good combat system.
If you liked it, i recommend playing the first game before it (when you get it), for better understanding of characters and story. It's not that necessary, some things are explained in the beginning, but it's better that way.
[Image: Py86-XZ2-WM4-Ter-YNpj-CDz5-K-1200-80.jpg]
I honestly don't know what is rare on the PS2 other than Baldur's Gate DA 2, Capcom vs Marvel 2 and Kuon. I've never played Kuon, but it looks cool. I love the Dark Alliance games, though, so I guess DA 2 would be my pick.

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