Game's room/collection's.

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I remember a thread similar to this on TIZ, i never got round to posting on it so i thought i'd start it off.
Post pic's of your game's room or game's collections, here's mine, as you'll all see i'm a bit of a sega nut lol, but i got a soft spot for the snes, N64, ps1 and neo geo as well.

[Image: k96nav.jpg]

[Image: tz4sj.jpg]

[Image: 2mreaug.jpg]

[Image: m8fukm.jpg]

[Image: nb4vur.jpg]

[Image: fctgt2.jpg]

[Image: rlm15u.jpg]

[Image: 330uu5j.jpg]

[Image: 11qk5ch.jpg]

[Image: 2pob3eu.jpg]

[Image: e9z1x5.jpg]

[Image: 5qpav.jpg]

[Image: rmtf1k.jpg]

[Image: 2j5djrq.jpg]

[Image: o8udk0.jpg]

[Image: 1q5w7c.jpg]

[Image: 1589f6a.jpg]

Some of this stuff date's back to the early 90's, check out how yellow the snes's are lol, i can remember forking out £150 for the 16 meg wildcard you can see on top of them, the 2 blue floppy box's are crammed with snes rips, fucking bargain back in the day, it won't play fx games like starwing though.
TBH i very rarely play any of this stuff anymore, it's a pain to set up, especially something like steel battalion, i'd rather fire up my pi3 or modded xbox and play rom's, the one genre i miss above all others are light gun games, i got light gun's for a lot of systems but i ain't got a decent CRT.
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That's a very nice collection man! I sadly don't have the space to stockpile physical copies of media. =(
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[Image: cKedltX.png]
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Yeah i know where you're coming from, these are stashed up in the attic gathering dust TBH.
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My current setup. Most of my games are off in bins and I don't feel like postin' pictures of them! Duplicate consoles and variant models are in storage in the closet. Most of my handhelds are also stashed away for now!

[Image: SVwFdEG.jpg]
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I love the boxed C64 sayt, i was a massive C64 fanboy back in the 80's, pissed all over the speccy and amstrad.
The vectrex is a system i've alway's wanted but never got round to it same as the PCE, only played the system's via emulation.
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(10-29-2018, 09:23 PM)cat Wrote: I love the boxed C64 sayt, i was a massive C64 fanboy back in the 80's, pissed all over the speccy and amstrad.
The vectrex is a system i've alway's wanted but never got round to it same as the PCE, only played the system's via emulation.

Aw heck yeah. I also have a CIB monitor for the C64 as well. A 1902A model. Have a Tandy 1000 TL/3 sitting around somewhere as well.
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I had a texas instruments TI-99/4A at one time lol that was a bad choice.
I alway's wanted a BBC B but again never got round to picking one up when they plummeted in price, i still got an amiga 600 (it's in the cardboard box with the guncon's in one of the pic's) but the grail for me was an atari falcon, i'd have given up a kidney for one of those back in the day, twas a sexy beast, probably better than an amiga 1200 spec wise, but atari made a right pig's ear with it and concentrated on the jaguar.
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my dreamcast console collection

[Image: ajt05i.jpg]

my 3 modded xboxes

[Image: 2psj90x.jpg]

my modded ps1 & modded ps2 (hd with 156 games on it)

[Image: w18n4z.jpg]

my 265 dreamcast games

[Image: 5dov2s.jpg]

my 100+ ps2 games and some ps1 games

[Image: 9tlvo1.jpg]
Eternally walking the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
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Jelous of the massive collection you guys have.
I mostly have a basic Gaming room, mostly PC gaming and a console corner in my room. Sadly i have like 20 physical games, the rest are either backups or digital inside the file server.
So here goes!
[Image: 2vxhkwk.jpg]
My console corner consisting of a broken PS1, a PS2 fat, 80GB upped to 500GB Fat PS3, and a brand new PS4 Pro.

[Image: 9tg6ci.jpg]
My main PC. currently without RAM, sent those to Corsair for a replacement. B350 Chip Mobo, Ryzen 5 1600x with an AiO, 16gb DDR4 3000Mhz, GTX970, 250gb M.2, 2TB SSHD, 650W PSU.

[Image: 9ig4us.jpg]
And here is my Retro PC i use for Windows 9x gaming. Nvidia nForce 3 chip mobo, AMD Semprom 1.5ghz, 768mb DDR1 RAM, FX5500 256mb GPU, 40GB IDE Drive, Floppy disk Drive Emulator, CD/DVD Drive. And a very special component, Loudness. Currently runs Windows ME with necesary Windows patches, and KernelEx for compatability with slightly more modern apps. Still needs some work, but is very stable and fast.

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