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Original Xbox V1.0 dvd drive opens by itself
I have an original Xbox and as soon as I plug the power cord the Xbox turns on and the dvd drive opens by itself, I can't turn it off pushing the power button because it turns off and on again in the same loop, I have to unplug it to turn it off.

when I put a game in, it loads as normal but after a few minutes the dvd drive eject the game. I have checked the little pcb that contains the open and power buttons, cleaned it and nothing changed.

If anyone has any idea on how to resolve this issue please let me know.

thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.
Did you take out the clock capacitor and clean the area with white vinegar/rubbing alcohol ?
What's you Xbox version ?
If BTW it's a 1.4 version, you could have rusted/corroded traces. To see that, you must open up completly your Xbox.
I heared this can come from clock capacitor leakage. Maybe clean the area and remove it asap!
I just took the xbox apart and yes, there was the nasty rust all around the capacitor and those mini resistors
I cleaned it real good with rubbing alcohol but it does the same thing when i plug it. I think it's to late, the damage is already done.

Thank you guys for your time and help.
Don't give up so quickly.
As I said before you might have some rusted/corroded traces at the bottom of the Motherboard.
Check out this Tutorial (Not mine BTW):
thank you, a really helpful video Icon_thumbup

I will give it a try when I get the time.
Today I had the time to check for broken traces on the mother board with a big magnifier
and a multimiter but everything appears to be ok,

I cleaned it again with rubbing alcohol real good and now the xbox turns on and off normaly, I can play Installed games, turn it off and it stays off. Icon_thumbup
the eject button does not work (I switched the little pcb with the power and eject buttons from a working unit and still no luck), so I use the Tray menu options to open and close the tray
but if I open the tray, close it and then turn off the xbox, it start acting like before, turning on by itself.
any more Ideas?
Maybe a dvdDrive going bad or another bad cap.?
Does anyone have the schematics for the xbox?.
When i had this same problem with one i picked up it also had a bad clock cap with leakage on the board. It would often also turn off and on a couple of times, i ended up scrapping it and using the parts in others. Let us know how you get on, if it gets fixed i'd love to know for future reference.
Mine does the same thing after about a year from buying it. I bought it new in 2005. It has been doing that for years. If I put a game I have to hold the door so it starts reading the disc. Once the game starts I can let go and it lets me play.
Clock capacitor leaked electrolyte corrodes traces on the front edge on the bottom of the motherboard. There are 4 traces that carry signals to/from the front panel and the System Management Controller (SMC), a PIC processor or custom Xyclops chip.
The corrosion can cause weird power problems and ejection of the DVD tray.

As well, sensors in the DVD drive itself sense if the drive closed/loaded the tray properly. If the signals are not being sensed by the SMC or the DVD drive itself that closure occurred, I believe the tray will be ejected.
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