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It is I, skullz613.

Found RZ was alive yesterday as was presently surprised.

I had bought a domain a while ago when the fate of RZ was unknown. I had started building up a retro rom site but have been sidetracked with life issues. It's more or less like the forum layout TIZ had. I may still carry on with it but as I'm pretty tied up with my main website, I'm unsure when it will be live. I used SMF for the forum software as I can't afford a Xenforo license at the moment.
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Welcome to RetroZone Skullz! Hope you're doing well today, hope you enjoy the new RetroZone look and all that!
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hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Retrozone Smile
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(10-30-2018, 05:48 AM)skullz613 Wrote: It is I, skullz613.

Found RZ was alive yesterday as was presently surprised.

hi skullz!
i remember you on tiz lol
glad you join Smile
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Welcome here ! Nice to see you back. Enjoy your stay. Smile
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Welcome back buddy!
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Welcome aboard. Smile
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welcome Smile
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Back again. Just spent two months with only internet on my phone due to where I was living. Now back on unlimited fiber, woohoo!!
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Hello and Welcome to RetroZone! Big Grin
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