what is your fav traditional shoot em up

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as per title what is your fav traditional shoot em up and on which console?

mine is the r type series,I loved original r type on Amiga best.
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Tough to nail it down to a single favourite... I do like the Aleste series a lot though, and I hold out hope that one day I'll own Power Strike II for my Master System.

I've got favourite shooters for every system from every generation - although Sega's machines have the majority of quality titles.

Current shmups I'm enjoying are the Korean gem, Shikhondo Soul Eater and DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours, both on PS4. I'm also looking forward to the release of Ketsui Dethtiny - I've had it pre-ordered on Playasia for months now Wink
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SEU's.. My fave type of game...

Nemesis/Gradius Series (Many console versions/arcade)
R-Type Series (PSX - R-TYPES (1&2) (PS2 - R-Type FINAL)
Thunder Cross Series (PS2)
Psyvaria (Bullet fest with powerup BUZZ feature)
All "CAVE" Bullet fest games, a fair few Arcade games - Insanity...
Do Don Pachi
X - No Remorse (PSX)
StarBlade Alpha (PSX)
Viper Phase I (Arcade)
Thunder Force Series (Console/Arcade)

Just a few off top of my head....
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+1 for R-Type
arcade, Amiga, PC-engine (normal and cd enhanced version)
did'nt like too much the sequels on Amiga/Snes
apart the original i liked only Delta on ps1

Pulstar on Neo Geo seems to me the real sequel (amazing)

apart R-Type, MANY other shmups  in my best games list lol
the last one i have played is Truxton II for FM Towns Marty, too hard for me also at easy level lol
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Ahhh ! Pulstar was NOT a follow up or a part of the series....
It was by the same programming crew, but a totally separate project Smile
Sort of like SALAMANDER is not a Gradius Game per-say...

Truxton on Megadrive was cool. I forgot that one (Also an Arcade Game)
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Another +1 for R-TYPE, first played it on my mates Atari ST then eventually got it for my lowly Master System then later the Amiga 500. Used to love the music in that game at the start!

Enjoyed the hell out of R-Type DELTA on the PSX also and another good one was Cotton 2 on the Sega Saturn.
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cardiuis blaze is a good SHUMP.

i like TwinBee game on SNES shame it never came USA side

there in an english version called POP and TwinBee but it's in PAL region only.
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(11-01-2018, 01:57 PM)DJPlace Wrote: cardiuis blaze is a good SHUMP.

i like TwinBee game on SNES shame it never came USA side

there in an english version called POP and TwinBee but it's  in PAL region only.

There's also the Jpn Super Famicom version - runs fine in a US SNES if you remove the tabs in the cart slot.
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Haven't played many but tried Gunbird recently and loved it so I'm going to have to go with that!

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