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Game systems you DON'T own, but wished you did
Never owned a Sega Genesis. One day I will.
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I really wish I had a PS2 and PSP....
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That's easy. I always wanted never could afford  NEO-GEO Gold.

My holy grail console is the NEO-GEO AES. Always wanted one of those.
OK, so 10 out of 10 for style, but minus several million for good thinking, huh ?
for me its PSP, PS Vita, as some might have noticed I consider the nvidia shield a console, and the nintendo switch and the ps4. Hopefully all these will be wiped out by the end of 2019.
I would love to own a Mega CD. I even have a several games for it. I just need the console >.>
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I've forgotten all about this thread, was digging around and found this interesting topic..

well some of these I am about to post has already been mentioned but I'll give a shot anyways. I've been wanting to have the Ps4 for quite a few years, a Master system, the Sega CD accessory, a Saturn and a Dreamcast, why? Cause they are awesome including the fact you can modchip the hell out.

Only thing I've ever owned is a couple of early 00's PC, a Ps2 & 3, and a Game Boy Color, everything else is/was borrowed, my girlfriend has a Xbox One I hardly touch lol

Wouldn't mind owning the Atari 2600, a Wii-U, the Switch, a NES/SNES [I've sold my old one Sad] and the PS Vita.

Edit: Finally, but not least, a C64 and a PET De Lux: A handmade console tribute to the 1977 Commodore that were pretty cool.

Enjoy the video Smile Cheers.
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(12-15-2018, 09:40 PM)St1ka Wrote: I would love to own a Mega CD. I even have a several games for it. I just need the console >.>

I spent some of this past weekend burning about 50 games for mine after investing in a region free bios - totally worth it... although I wish that the bios had been based on the ntsc-u version rather than the ntsc-j one; I accidentally deleted my backup saves... oh well, any excuse to play Snatcher again Wink

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Oh I'd LOVE to play Snatcher!
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My Top 5 most wanted Retro gaming systems,in order:
1-Atari Jaguar
2-Neo Geo
3:Atari Lynx
4: Atari 5200
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