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Game systems you DON'T own, but wished you did
- Super NES
- Sega CD / 32X
- Neo-Geo
- Sega Saturn
- Dreamcast
Psx Net Yaroze

i own most of oldschool consoles/computers from the 80s and so on....
I wish to own an old arcade machine, I read you can buy one for around 100 to 200 bucks, including the CRT and a pretty cheap old hardware in it, only need to hook up an old pc in.
For so long I was personally planning on buying an old Flight Simulator arcade machine and adjust it for Elite Dangerous or something. If I only had the room and space for it, which yet I don't lol I've seen them around (old Star Wars Flight Simulator including the pilot chair, monitor and stuff) for around 210 bucks.

Might be a neat idea for someone to post a tutorial on something like that, would be a pretty cool project and even more fun to do as a regular arcade machine. Yawn
I've done questionable things.
Pretty much every system on my Launchbox. NES, SNES, NEC turbografx 16, Turbo Duo, Ps1 and PS2, Arcade machines from mame, sega master system, genesis, 32x, cd
I know a man that has an old arcade machine (big), Lethal Weapon 4 (not working, how much is it worth?)
I want an Amiga 4000, 3000,2500,2000,or 500
I want an Xbox

A fallback PS2 Slimline (because  the one I've had for years keeps on ticking beautifully!)
A fallback Dreamcast (just in case!)


Xbox360 (only got it for 1 game - honestly wasn't worth the expense)
PS2 earlier versions (went through 2 of those before the Slimline - will never touch one again!)
My top 5 most wanted systems,in order:

1-Atari Jaguar
2-Neo Geo
3-Atari Lynx
5-Neo Geo Pocket Color

Edit: seems like i posted in this topic months ago lol! and 2 of the 5 systems i mentioned there are different to boot XD
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