Game systems you DON'T own, but wished you did

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Similar to the "systems you own" thread, but this time for systems you don't own / aspire to own / regret getting rid off / etc, and any associated story to go along with your choice(s).

For me, I've never owned a Sega Saturn... I rented one from the video store several times for extended weekends of fun, and I had friends and housemates that owned it, even my younger brother bought one - I opted for the Playstation.
The only reason I've never bought one since it's heyday is that my brother has maintained he still has his and when he finds it I can have it... after almost a decade of sporadically badgering him to find it, I still don't own a Saturn.
Even more annoyingly, one of my good friends that owns a complete PAL Saturn collection with a big chunk of the US exclusives and most of the JPN exclusives worth owning keeps reminding me that I can have any duplicates in his collection - and I know he's good for it, as the same friend gave me my NeoGeo CD!
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i always fancied the NEO GEO cd console, i'll get around to owning one someday
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The only "2" machines I always wanted to own were not consoles....
SHINOBI (System 16 PCB)
Bubble Bobble (JAMMA)

I'd pay for a 2 player cab with these games on.. Bubble Bobble is one of my all time fave games, and Shinobi is just awesome arcade game.

Used to own a 2 Player Street Fighter II CE cab but "Gave it away" (SOB) due to moving into a flat....3rd story...

I wish I had a hacked Vita so this really would be the next console I'd be looking for... Maybe a scratch card win....
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Turbo duo R
playstation 4
Nintendo Switch
Skycurser Arcade machine (or at least some way to play it that does not involve me driving over 150 miles)
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Sega Saturn and Sega (Mega) CD.

I regret selling my Playstation 2, but i'm going to get one again.
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PlayStation 2, but even though they are commonly available I simply don't have any space to put it nor place for it's wires to be strolled across to be hooked up.
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probably it doesnt count,
but almost all the old Capcom and Taito coin-ops
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I've got more or less all the consoles I could ever need except for a fully kitted out Genesis and a Saturn, I'd like to get a Wonderswan Crystal and a backlit GBA too eventually.

As far as arcade hardware though, there's so many I would love to have, Dungeon Magic, Ollie King, Darkstalkers 3, F-Zero AX Monster Ride...
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I grew up with just the original Playstation and my GB Pocket (broken after a couple of years, just before the Pokémon mania Sad ) and back in the good old days I always wanted a PS2 (bought right after a non-retrocompatible PS3) and the Dreamcast.

I remember looking at the ads for Sonic Adventures and feeling like those screens were taken from a ultra-advanced arcade game with photo-realistic rendering. They were just like a photo! Unfortunately I did not have any chance to own a Dreamcast since I've never seen one in the shops around my area and... well, since I did not know it existed until something like 2006!

And here I am, still hoping to own one in 2018. One day I will surely pull the trigger Smile

Since we can talk about arcade machines too I've always wanted a Neo-Geo MVS cabinet (just a dream, I'm not a billionaire), The Ocean Hunter (SEGA Model 3 game), and both the D&D beat 'em ups by CAPCOM.
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Consoles wanted:
Sega Dreamcast, Wonderswan.

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Easy, the Neo Geo, always wanted one and will probably never own one.
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