what was your first

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Well this is what I call a " A nostalgia-fuelled trip back to the '80s" lol

Mine definitely was the original 1985 NES With a Duck Hunt/Super Mario cartridge including the gun, it was my 8th birthday present from my parents, I remember it as it was yesterday, gosh such a good memories back then.

Btw great post! I missed this
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Nintendo Gameboy Color shared with my brother at the time, now played via emulators.
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PlayStation 2.
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My first console was most likely the original NES. I still do have an NES, but I usually play the games via emulators these days.
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Atari 2600, but i don't play it anymore. It's safely tucked away in my closet.
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I think my first console was probably either a Nintendo 64 or a Gameboy color. I used to love playing Pokemon Stadium and Flying Dragon on the N64 when I was a kid. Before getting those 2 consoles, it was mostly PC games.
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I got a Gameboy Pocket from my parents one christmas which I still own. Had Donkey Kong Land 2 and Yoshi/Mario & Yoshi. Good times had with that thing.
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some great consoles mentioned, its kinda mad that that my fav ever console is the dreamcast and i now collect them but i never got my first one till 8 years ago, i defo missed out in my youth, i was a sega guy too, still am, had a few nes, snes n64 but always prefer sega.
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Super Nintendo. Still probably my favorite old school console.
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Sega really does have an awesome and satisfying list of games. I wish I purchased a Dreamcast or Genesis when I was younger, but playing most of their games through PC was great too. Loved Sonic, Flicky, Bug!, Swirl, and a lot of other memorable titles.

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