what was your first

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First thing we got that could play games was an Acorn Electron in the mid 80s - god that thing took an age to load - felt like an eternity waiting for Frogger to appear on screen. First proper console I got was an Atari 2600 that I had to share with my brother.
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NES. I still play the games on a newer toploader and AV Famicom, but unfortunately my original NES is long dead. The only console from around those times I have that still works is my SNES which I've never had to replace.
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I consider my first to be a NES, and yes, I just had a mod done to it and was playing Contra the other day without the 30 life code.  However, I did get an Atari 7800 before that, but mainly because my brother's 2600 broke.  This was after the release of the NES, which sucked, because everyone I knew had a NES while I was still on the Atari.  My parent's didn't want to buy it.  But eventually they gave in and I managed to get my NES before the 80s slipped away.
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Sega Genesis was the first console I bought. I bought it at launch. I really enjoyed (and still do) playing RPGs on the system and not long after, I bought a Sega Master System so I could play Phantasy Star.
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Yes I still play it (not the og one I owned-I wish). KING of the 1st gen 8-bit systems.
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Atari 2600. One day I will own it again.
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(11-06-2018, 10:03 PM)GamingWizardC75 Wrote: Atari 2600. One day I will own it again.

a friend of mine had an Atari 2600 and we would get drunk while playing that game haha

oops the game was boxing
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Acorn Electron 32K, if that counts as a console. It was for gaming and took cassettes (tapes).
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the ATARI 2600..
still have mine, and also the 2600 JR.version
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Not counting the crappy Binatone pong machine I had in the late 70's, my first was a rubber key 48k ZX Spectrum that my parents bought for me for Christmas 1982. I didn't own an actual console until I got a Megadrive in 1990.
I still own the very same Speccy - which is in bits at the moment, as it requires a re-cap, new keyboard membrane, and I'm also going to mod the rf out to be composite. I have all the new parts (including a chrome keyboard fascia to replace the scratched and buckled original one and a new black rubber keyboard), which I bought from retroradionics.co.uk - well worth a look if you need to refurb a speccy.

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