what was your first

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c64 with a massive box off floppys
[Image: 5a53f2036538c_Commodore64.png.94d004ef3d...3c51dd.png]
[Image: camaras-01.gif]
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Atari 2600, and yes when the mood strikes me. I use a really nice Sony dvd/vcr combo to demodulate the signal and clean it for my HD tv.
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From what I can remember, one of those old Philips video pac machines, and after that a MSX2 that my father originally had bought for administration.
I lost both ages again (the MSX2 got destroyed by a bunch of assholes while I was taking it apart to clean it up at school) and I have no interest in acquiring either of them again. I prefer playing MSX games through an Emulator.

Later on I got a SEGA Master System (while I had the chance to get a Megadrive/Genesis instead, Aargh!!) which I later traded for an Atari Lynx. Then I got a Megadrive and later a SNES but I sadly traded both with all their games for a Nintendo 64, a decision I still regret.

I also owned a gameboy once and had later bought a Game Gear.

The PC was the most serious gaming platform for me but I also played a lot of games on my cousin's Amiga.

I am a bit divided if I would have preferred to stick to home computers in my youth or consoles as both offered their own excellent games.
I do wish I had learned about some games a lot more earlier or had not disregarded them back then.
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my first video game console was this:
[Image: nin.png]
Along with these two:
[Image: 2.jpg]  [Image: s-l300.jpg]

Still use them when i'm in the "mood"
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A friend gave me his (new) Amiga 3000 Tower{68030), (he was dying), and I loved playing Gunship 2000 on it, sorry I no longer have it.
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good old N64 first game i played pretty sure was donkey kong 64 Big Grin
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i think the spectrum 48k was mine, either that or the commodore 64, i previously thought was an Amiga but i was wrong
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Mine was a hand me down Atari 2600, and yes I still play it. It is not the original one that I had back then because I was a kid and dumb and tore it up.
I have an Atari 2600 Jr that I take really good care of now.

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The first we had as a family when I was say 10 was a Vic-20 and the first games I played were carts, Gorf was a good one. For myself when I left home a rubber keyed 48k Speccy was the first which I upgraded to a 128K + one, that's the black one without the nasty tape deck. I wish I still had it but traded it for an Amiga 500.
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My memory that far back is a bit muddy, but I think the first console I ever played was either a NES/SNES, and at that point I barely had enough motor control to even hold the controller, let alone really "play" lol.

As for the first console I can consider my own, it was probably my Gameboy Color, I carried that thing everywhere, apparently losing cartridges left and right because I occasionally still find the occasional one buried in the yard, unfortunately don't still have the actual unit, no idea what happened to it, probably stolen.

Favorites were Mario Deluxe, Rolans Curse 2,and Pokémon Silver.

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