what was your first

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c64 with a massive box off floppys
[Image: 5a53f2036538c_Commodore64.png.94d004ef3d...3c51dd.png]
[Image: camaras-01.gif]
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Atari 2600, and yes when the mood strikes me. I use a really nice Sony dvd/vcr combo to demodulate the signal and clean it for my HD tv.
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From what I can remember, one of those old Philips video pac machines, and after that a MSX2 that my father originally had bought for administration.
I lost both ages again (the MSX2 got destroyed by a bunch of assholes while I was taking it apart to clean it up at school) and I have no interest in acquiring either of them again. I prefer playing MSX games through an Emulator.

Later on I got a SEGA Master System (while I had the chance to get a Megadrive/Genesis instead, Aargh!!) which I later traded for an Atari Lynx. Then I got a Megadrive and later a SNES but I sadly traded both with all their games for a Nintendo 64, a decision I still regret.

I also owned a gameboy once and had later bought a Game Gear.

The PC was the most serious gaming platform for me but I also played a lot of games on my cousin's Amiga.

I am a bit divided if I would have preferred to stick to home computers in my youth or consoles as both offered their own excellent games.
I do wish I had learned about some games a lot more earlier or had not disregarded them back then.
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my first video game console was this:
[Image: nin.png]
Along with these two:
[Image: 2.jpg]  [Image: s-l300.jpg]

Still use them when i'm in the "mood"
I've done questionable things.

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