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Scumm and Dreamcast tricks n tips
During these years were released a lot of versions of Scumm emulator for the DC, from the 0.3 until the 2.0. Despite the pc versions, the DC ones work in a different way for a couple of reasons :
- each version gain/lost compatibility with particular games releases
- the DC ram is short, and due to the fact that the main Scumm file has become bigger and bigger release after release, many good old games are not playable anymore in the latest ones (they reset the DC during gameplay or does not work at all)

also, I like to make tries with games normally 'little over the edge' lol to reach to make them run (completely hopefully)
searching through scumm releases and downsampling/removing/modifying some features of the original games.
On TIZ (rip) there was a couple of my tries, Curse of monkey island, Discworld II, Broken Sword, and Riven
but here I want to write all I have found during my tries lol :

- Curse of monkey island
it works decently starting from 0.9.1 release (btw you need to disable videos, and game save does not work), until the 0.12.0 one (videos need to be downsampled and you cannot have both music and speech)

- Discworld II
only two versions of scumm (with tricks) can make it run, the 1.1.1 (the better one, the game reset every 2/3 screens, the speech needs to be disabled, without a trick accessing 'the garden' location make the game crash) and the 1.2.1 one (does not have 'the garden' bug but reset continuously)
imo if in future will be released a tool to downsample the videos and the audio of the game (as at scumm has released for other engines too), probably it will be fully playable

- Riven
the scumm engine checks at boot for ALL the game files, so to make it run from a cd you must add many empty files named as the required ones.
Apart from this, the game runs (great imo) with the latest scumm release, but, due to a limit in the DC name-length save feature, the saves cannot be reloaded (for now)

- Broken Sword
was one of the first games compatible with the earlier versions (0.6.0 maybe), but :
imo the better version to make it run is the 1.0.0, it's also the first one that makes it possible to play the original game videos without downsampling; also music and speech need to be converted in mp3

- Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis FM-TOWNS
a better version of this game (graph and sound talking), it works also on DC but :
to hear the real emulation of music and speech without downsample anything, you must use an earlier version of scumm, like 0.6.0 (imo the best) or 0.7.0; you'll have some graph glitches and the game save is not properly user friendly, but is surely better than using the latest ones (the audio emulation is much worse imo)

Apart from these ones, in this period i reach to make run Gabriel Knight sins of the father SVGA version and Larry 6 SVGA (this last one looks awful, imo the standard resolution release is better) on the little white box, and yes, also these needs little tricks lol

AT LAST, please use this thread to post your thoughts/tries, ask for hints, or correct my faults about Scumm and Dreamcast
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
Thanks, very helpful.
I've done questionable things.
i forgot to say that scumm DC is one of the few emulators which run great also using NullDC or Demul
so if you want to make tries without wasting a single cd, this is a good way to proceed too
also if you want try some of my old/new good/bad attempts, be free to let me know via pm
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
in this period i have only my shitty laptop around me, so im back in some Scumm Dreamcast tries...

to make run this game on DC you need the 1994 Broderbund release files (the first one, to be clear) and the latest scummDC releases (1.9 or 2.0)
it runs a little choppy, its ok but the real issue (as Riven) is that gamesave cannot be reloaded yet

this (great) game works using a scumm release from 1.4 until 1.7
due the particular type of game, on DC its surely better to decrease monsters strenght and enable 'floating cursor', both via options, to let increase the playability

playable only from 1.8 release, better version imo is the latest 2.0 one (improved sound emulation)
also the vga version is SURELY better than the svga one (could sound as a paradox, but is true Smile )

if you are too lazy to search for files and mount images, these last 2 are posted on a friend site Smile
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
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