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Girlfriend or Video Games?
i do not believe in love its just a chemical reaction in the brain and basic instinct for reproduction therefore i would I would def give her up!
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......
Video games deprive womenfolk of the attention normally accorded to them by their men.
Unsurprisingly, videogaming then takes on some evil taint inside the aforementioned relationship.
Because women require 2x the amount of sex/attention/candy/money etc that men need in order to be happy, you'll never have a hope in hell trying to make that witch content.
Dump the cow, fire up that goddamm console!
I care about both, so...
My Collection. Like many others said someone who loves you wouldn´t ask that question in the first place. However it was a question of limiting my playtimes a bit to spend more time with her I would be willing to do that. But asking to get rid of it? I wouldn´t think a single second about it and show her where the door is.

I don´t want to give up any of my Hobbies for anyone and I have already left a girl for my love of Theme Parks. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid as well, but she couldn´t understand that I sometimes travel to other countries specifcly to visit a couple of Parks in addition to see the country. I met a lot of great people on those kinds of trips and even some of my best friends. A girl I was dating thought it was childish (though she had no issue with Video Games) and that it was a waste of money and if I wanted her I should give that up. Since I was at her place I just left and told her that I wouldn´t give up any Hobby for anyone.

Sooooo....if there is any girl here that likes Video Games, Theme Parks and doesn´t mind a Hobby Photographer I would marry you without even meeting first.
Video Games. I got dumped 3 freaking times!
If a woman wants to put such arbitrary conditions or your relationship, I would say stick with the games.
Games is the obvious choice! at least in my case! Lol Lol Lol
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yeah she's ugly has fuck no thanks.
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really i can't
When you get older your standards get way lower lol.
Come play with daddy.
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