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Girlfriend or Video Games?
(12-09-2018, 11:40 AM)DJPlace Wrote: [Image: HWq2mCV.jpg]

yeah she's ugly has fuck no thanks.
I would Lol
[Image: tumblr_l71xowsNbG1qzwtdlo1_500.gif]
Just find a gamer chick for a wife and you are set. My first two wives hated that I gamed even though I made ample time for our relationship and my professional life. My current finance is a dream. Her first game console was the Saturn. She is an avid TES PC gamer. Hell, if you are into the modding scene for Morrowind, you likely have seen her work and heard her voice on character add-ons. She plays every console and emulator I have, though, she does have her favorites and I mine. She loves FPS and RPG's like me, but she is not into platformers or SHMUPS.

We would prefer to game than watch TV so you are more likely to find us playing Divinity Original Sin (1 & 2), the Borderland Series, or Left 4 Dead on any given evening to unwind.

She is smart, sexy, and loves gaming. Find a woman like that, and you are set. Don't settle and don't take shit.
wondering if a woman would accept an husband that disappear for months when playing a good jrpg Smile

EDIT if so, girls/mature women you are free to pm me lol
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
It really isn't an "either/or" situation (at least it shouldn't be)... that said, I've not been in a serious relationship for almost a decade now (after 3 long term commitments, back-to-back, that accounted for more than 20 years of my life), and the freedom is liberating.
All of my ex's have enjoyed gaming to some degree (one was into Amiga point n' click adventures, another was hooked on Mr Driller on GBC, etc), just rarely the same games I was into or as deeply as I was into them.

[Image: 33845.png]
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