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I had his e-mail, but it's not working now, so does anyone know how he is doing, right now? Angel
^ I cannot give you his e-mail,because he ask me not to share it without his permission ,but If you send me your e-mail in PM , i will pass it along to him(if i manage to reach him), and if he wish, he can contact you.
I used to download his stuff. He always contributed a lot. I downloaded some amiga exe that emulated about anything. It was awesome.
This guy has bunch of game titles which we download it from him... yesterday I start to making all WIN games what we had on that forum before site is down :)
Really glad V's doing well! He's one of the go-to guys when it comes to content back on TIZ.
He's helped me out a bunch of times back in may noob days too!
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Great to hear about Mr. V!
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