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The Retro Zone Rules
(Section A) - Forums
These are the guidelines for posting on our forums.
Read them carefully we will not be repeating any of this.

1. Any hate speech or bigoted comments anywhere on this site = Instant ban.

2. Properly title your posts, if this is an issue then write the question in the title. Badly formatted topics = Deletion.

3. Please make sure you post in the right area [b]Take the 60 seconds it takes to scan down the forums page.[/b]

4. Staff are protected by yours truly, these guys are the backbone of our site an will be respected as if they were me or you will leave. Problems need to be directed to the proper people in a respectful manor.

5. Issues with a Moderator will be reported to Jumbo or ZX81v2.

6. Absolutely positively NO LINKS TO COPYRIGHTED CONTENT ON THE FORUMS OR FROM THE [The Index], tools and homebrew and other resource sites are fine = Warning/ban depending severity.

7. People caught posting to solely to incite arguments (Trolling), spamming or speaking disrespectfully to users in a unprovoked manor will be warned ONCE then removed.

   Angry That's it, 7 simple rules, read them ,live them, love them, or kick rocks. Angry

(Section B) - Chatroom
Chatroom Rules
The rules for the [Chatroom] are the same as the [forums].

Please DO NOT post links to [The Index] openly on the [Chatroom] or [forums]
This is a serious issue and we need to avoid it when possible to prevent loss of sources.
People can take a moment look up items without a public link.
Please do not spam the shoutbox.
Breaking these rules may result in a warning/ban.

[Image: 1o.png]

If you like this place please help us if you can.


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