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Is there any downloads here?
(03-09-2019, 12:16 AM)ZX81v2 Wrote:
(10-26-2018, 11:11 AM)Yoni Arousement Wrote: I didn't know you were allowed to create multiple MEGA accounts to get around the storage limit.

Right MEGA

Simple. Make a few email accounts on various sites, yahoo google etc...
Use each account to make a mega account.

MEGA will offer you up to 50GIG, avoid it - It runs out
Stick to the initial amount they give for free.

Extras look tasty but have bitter taste....

...and the upside from this is you have emails you can sign up to OTHER cloud sevices with Smile

remember in the beginning when "someone" here said once (i wont mention his name, not that i dont want to, is just i really didnt like that guy).. he said he has 50 Mega accounts... XD is that even possible? or was that just mumbo jumbo?
I've done questionable things.
I belive it is possible,all you need is diferent e-mail for every MEGA accaunt.
 I have 3  e-mail accaunts , for first 2 i used my 2 regular e-mails, and for third MEGA accaunt i  used e-mail i make just few minutes before i made third MEGA accaunt, worked just fine.
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