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Where did you where did you go?
(11-21-2018, 12:42 AM)Nux Wrote:
(11-20-2018, 10:34 PM)cat Wrote: I've been on for a few years as well as the old tiz, so i was there mainly.

What's NG?, i love the place.
no where really,other than Gamefaqs which i have always been in. and discord too i guess.
When the iso zone removed all the links I remember asking in the chat what happened and someone linked me to the retrozone the first version and when retrozone was down I went back to the iso zone I remember that some people said we need to wait till one of the admins wake up so they can fix it so I waited then someone said that the admins are fighting with each other and then jumbo (if I remember correctly he was the creator  of the isozone he had some numbers in his name but I can't remember) he said one of the admins (can't remember his name) shutdown retrozone and he is saying that jumbo did (he said the reason he did that was because he said he doesn't think he's going to be a good admin then someone wrote about it in 4chan in the end the isozone got shut down so tried checking the retrozone discord but it was gone I don't know what happened to it So I started checking daily both of the websites then I saw that the retrozone was back (they were still working on it) and the isozone turned into reprimed which is still saying coming soon and that's about it
Project's I'm working on 
1) the trigger: a game with a wolfenstein 3d style demo coming soon
2) evil days: a 2d platformer (old project)
Nowhere, just played a lot of games in free time. Smile  I was a lurker on TiZ, became a member about two or maybe three months before it went down, then when i found out about RZ 1.0 and decided to join it was already gone, so i checked the site regularly and here i am, now fully participating.
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