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RetroZone will no longer host games.
The Index is offline for now when I get word on progress I'll post here and update everyone. YES IT'S COMING BACK
For right now if users still wanted to post links u can save the info to notepads in the meantime, I posted like 30 games in a row off one notepad very quickly using multiple tabs.

And thank you everyone for the help getting the place in order.
You haven't gone unnoticed!

We are planning something special and much more relaxed in the 2.0 of our Index!
Trust me this will be YUGE!!! lol, anyways have fun guys and don't forget to check in on us from time to time and see what's new and get information on upcoming contests and giveaways soon.


Content and Editor teams :
If you want to be one of the first to help test with us when the beta Index goes live
PM me with the title --->   [Index Tester]

I'll save you guys in my mail box and set you up first.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

You have no idea how important it is for us to make sure this is right for you all.
We are doing extensive planning to make sure we get a sustainable method of corralling files on the web while we devise a better plan to battle the cat and mouse of takedowns.

I'm currently running around the dev room on Discord with a cattle prod poking the staff lol

I'll be in touch soon guys.

If you like this place please help us if you can.

I have 8 confirmed testers I'd like to have a nice fat round number like 10-20 of you.

You don't have to really do much but test out, explore and try to break stuff.
You can grab stuff from existing links or submit new links and maybe switch it up and use a few different lockers to see if everything plays nice.

We are going to mainly be looking for bugs in the layout and I'd REALLY like to have the "anal about every little detail users" to get in here and help make changes before I "OK" it all with Pinky and our coder Mass and listen to people later because we fucked something up.
(Ohh! Curb cussed) I already feel it....,but this is game-time people we are going pull potato on [project Index] .

So like help us help you Angel

PM me directly with [Index Tester] and I'll add you to the list, this ensures you early access to [The Index] when it goes live again..
This isn't something we are rushing this is gonna be the one all end all this time so this needs to be perfect.

If you like this place please help us if you can.

I'm closing the applications testers now that I have 18 or so users.
When The Index comes online and is stable enough to allow a handful of users and staff to enter first for beta testing I will mass PM the 18 or so index testers with the information you need to join.

Thank you everyone that helped test and submit on the Alpha Index! It helped us make the system better.

If you like this place please help us if you can.


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