Favorite video game company

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(11-21-2018, 09:20 PM)blakd3th Wrote: operation flashpoint for pc 2001 is top notch example of their work
4th favorite game of all time. As you probably know, Bohemia bought the rights to it from Codemasters in 2011, patched the game, and renamed it "ARMA: Cold War Assault." I've enjoyed every game in the ARMA series, and still play all of them.
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Was Nintendo, until they killed isozone. Most of the games I play now come from deceased companies. Mark of a retrogamer I suppose.
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I've done questionable things.
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Sunsoft and Jaleco are my primary fave game companies at the moment. Irem, Data East, Athena Co. Ltd. among numerous other 80s-90s era arcade juggernauts unassociated with the ESA also draw close.
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Mainly the Japanese devs... All of the major ones, and most of the niché ones.
I've got a lot of love for Compile and Technosoft in the 16bit era, and Grasshopper, Arc System Works and Platinum in recent years.
Although, if I had to pick a single favourite (based on quantity and quality of their output), it would probably be a toss up between Capcom and Namco.
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Square , Enix and Atlus in their good years , none of them now .
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Bethesda and Blizzard Entertainment.
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(11-22-2018, 04:20 AM)EarthwormJam Wrote: Was Nintendo, until they killed isozone. Most of the games I play now come from deceased companies. Mark of a retrogamer I suppose.

They didn't though Smile
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Really now a days none of them. Days of old Konami, Capcom Nintendo and Sega. But I never can remember some of the smaller companies that had some great games.

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