Canceled games that would be cool to see

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post your finds ... the most obscure wins  Wink
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Silent Hills would've been epic (Kojima-Del Toro Collab)
And also Scalebound....
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That is a really interesting find, Nux. I would like to play it now Sad

To contribute to the discussion I would also love to try the early concept Blizzard North had for Diablo III, before it was scrapped for the actual D3.
It looked really cool and gothic, as it should have been all along!
It's not really obscure, but it was the first thing that came to my mind.

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Star Wars 1313
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I agree with those above about Silent Hill. I also  was sad over the Castlevania Dreamcast game that was cancelled.
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wwe brawl , i've seen a video about it , nice gameplay for a spin off wwe wrestling game , sad that was canceled
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(11-24-2018, 05:42 AM)Nux Wrote:


post your finds ... the most obscure wins  Wink

I would play that game for sure, i like cheesy FMV games.  Smile 

Yeah, i agree about Silent Hills, it's really a shame that it got cancelled.

This one looked really good too (i'm big fan of first two games for PS1):

We got Fear Effect Sedna this year which was not great but okay (i'm very happy that they even made it after all those years) and the same developers are working on a remake of the first game, which i hope will be better.
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Thing 2
Two sequels to Call Of Cthulhu Dark Corners Of The Earth
Prey 2
Half Life 2 Episode 3

If you want obscure, well... Heavy Metal FAKK 2, Nocturne and Starshot Space Circus Fever all ended with a "To be continued...", but the sequels never even had any leaked screenshots, tech demos or anything, so they were probably never in development to begin with.
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Bounty Arms (ps1)
Silent Hills
Rayman (SNES)
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Fallout Tactics 2
Alone in the Dark Remake
Fear Effect 3
Neverhood 3
StarCraft Ghost

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